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Hi all,

I had a diabetes test yesterday at my local birthing centre. From when I left after 2 hours my little one went absolutely crazy. She's normally very active anyway but this was different she was going nuts. Now today I'm really achy every time she kicks or moves I'm really sore right down my pelvic bone is this normal or am I panicking for no reason?

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  • Hiya was it the glucose drink you had for the test? Maybe she just either really hated it or really loved it! I can't say to be honest. I have gestational diabetes and my baby does move more if I eat anything that raises my blood sugar but then in my previous pregnancies where I didn't have gestational diabetes they also did if I ate anything sweet or carbs based. I wouldn't worry too much about it at all x

  • Hi, yes it was the glucose test. I notice certain foods I eat she goes a bit nuts. That was s little too much after I drunk the glucose.

  • Do you get the results of that soon then? Hope it turns out ok for you. This is the first pregnancy I have ever had it in and have 3 other kids so it's a little strange.

  • Yes hopefully next this week. Was a bit strange as I was meant to see the midwife after the test but they said she never booked me an appointment as I haven't even got my MATB form yet. It's strange isn't it if it's the first time you've had it with this being you're 3rd pregnancy.

  • Hopefully you will get the answers soon then. This is my 4th and last haha! Sorry I have only just seen your reply didn't get a notification for it. I became hypothyroid after the birth of my 2nd child. I had severe sickness with him but then with my third I was so ill couldn't keep anything down even water was horrible but my thyroid totally packed in after him. My hypothyroidism went undiagnosed for years as my gp refused a retest but apparently it's very closely linked with gestational diabetes(if diagnosed with gestational diabetes and normal diabetes, they do a thyroid function test as standard now) as becoming hypo can lead to insulin resistance especially if left hypo for so long without medication so I think that has been the contributing factor this time. Hopefully it will go after pregnancy. I hope your results are good news x

  • Hi just to let you know everything was fine with my diabetes test. Finally got to see the midwife. Thank you for you're help. Xx

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