Vitamin D?

I've read some conflicting information on taking vitamin D in pregnancy, when I asked my clinic fertility nurse (I had IVF) she said its not a recommendation like folic acid is, but something you should consider... Not really sure whether I should take it or not. I'm on quite a few meds as part of IVF (8 oestrogen tablets, 3 progesterone pessaries, 1 folic acid and 1 aspirin a day!) which I have to take up till week 12 (I'm 6 weeks today) would appreciate any advice!

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  • Hi, Just to say I was advised by my clinic to take both folic acid and vit d ... found a combined boots own brand one ... totally get the idea of minimising the amount of meds but they were pretty clear they thought I should. Xxx

  • Hi there

    I'm sorry that you have come across conflicting advice online. You would be best to consult your doctor/midwife or choose one of the tailored pregnancy supplements that contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy. Maintain a healthy diet, and get some sunshine (good form of Vit D).

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes


  • thank you for your reply, as It was an IVF cycle, I haven't been referred to GP/midwife yet. I have my early scan this Friday (6 weeks 4 days) which if all is well they will then refer me to a midwife. My clinic didn't tell me to or not to take vitamin D so I haven't as yet. When is usual to commence it?

  • Hi there

    I would start taking Vitamin D supplements now and then you can talk through your concerns when you have your scan on Friday.

    Best of luck


  • Start taking vitamin D along side folic acid. Its vitamin A that you should avoid taking during pregnancy. Im currently 16 weeks and still taking pregnancy supplement that have alsorts in from vitamins to minerals and folic acid but no vitamin A as it can be harmful if you have to much so avoid supplements with that in it

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