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Anti d injections and 7 hours in hospital!

Just wondering if anyone has experienced what I'm going through. I posted previously about some bleeding I had at the beginning of the week. Well Friday at midnight it came back and was a lot heavier then the previous episode. After calling 111 they advised me to go to A&E. I waited three hours and when I got seen my blood pressure was sky high. I was admitted to the early pregnancy unit and had to explain the whole pregnancy to the doctor, all the bleeds etc. Then I had to have an internal examination. The doctor told me my cervix is still fully closed which is a good sign and the bleeding I'm having is not classed as "heavy" as I'm not passing clots or tissue and I have no pain. They have told me not to worry as I only had a scan on Wednesday and everything was fine but how can you not worry! I've got another scan next Wednesday which is my dating scan but I already know I'm 12weeks&5days from my previous scan. I'm just so so nervous that something is wrong. I would really appreciate any advice or experiences like my own 😞

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Yes Hun I had a very similar experience. I had a bleed (no clots just red blood) just before my 12 week scan and had no pains. My blood pressure was high and then I had an internal examination where they told me my cervix was closed but they had found what she described as "old blood". They checked baby's heartbeat which was nice and strong.

Sometimes bleeding occurs and it's unexplainable and there isn't always something wrong with baby. Bleeding is very common actually!

I think you'll be absolutely fine try your best not to stress. I understand 100% why you're worried. I was terrified when I was bleeding but it turns out baby was absolutely fine! Xx


I also had to have an anti d injection as my blood is rhesus negative. You'll probably have another at around 28 weeks pregnant xxx


I've had two lots now, they said every time I have a fresh episode of bleeding I've got to have one within 72 hours! Which at the minute is proving to be quite frequently. She said that because the bleeding isn't prolonged and fades without clots and pain not to worry!


I'm glad someone else has had this experience. I'm so nervous! I'm 12weeks 4 days so I'll be 13 weeks 1 day when I go for my next scan. My partner keeps saying to me if they had any serious concerns they would have scanned me there and then. The bleeding just keeps coming and going and it's only a small amount but it's terrifying. I really hope it calms down! Thanks for the reassurance!x


I completely understand why you're worried - some people bleed a lot throughout their pregnancies and deliver healthy babies though it's not always as sinister as it seems.

About the anti D injection - If your blood is rhesus negative it means that you do not have the D antigen present on the surface of your red blood cells. If you carry a rhesus positive baby, they do have the D antigen present. If any of the baby's blood enters your bloodstream (e.g when you have a bleed or at birth) then your body will begin to make antibodies that fight off the D antigen on your baby's red blood cells. The anti-d injection prevents the production of these antibodies so it is important that you have the injection after each bleeding episode.

It is very scary but if they can't see anything wrong then it's probably just unexplained bleeding! Try not to worry about it, it is normal in most cases xxx


Irs just so much to take it!! I knew pregnancy wouldn't be easy or a smooth ride but my god. This last week I've been told 100 different things and it's just mind boggling! I'm just trying to stay relaxed and positive. I don't think it's as serious as I think it is and I need to remember 100s of women go through stuff like this in pregnancy all the time! Thankyou for your support though! It helps to speak to someone who's in a similar boat! I'm wondering if they will let me listen to the baby's heartbeat at my scan on Wednesday with being 13 weeks xx


It is a lot! This is my first pregnancy so I completely understand - it's a lot of information all at once. One thing I have learned is that pregnancy is never easy but it is an amazing experience at the same time! I'm 24 weeks now and it's been stressful at times but it's a blessing isn't it.

I didn't get to hear my baby's heartbeat at my 12 week or 20 week scan so I'm not sure if that is a service that is offered but you can clearly see the heart beating away on the screen.

A lot of my pregnancy worries calmed down after I started feeling baby move - it could be the same for you! I hope everything is okay though and if you need a chat just pop us a message at any time xxx


Aw thanks Hun. Yeah I saw he heartbeat nice and clearly last week. It's so amazing. Hopefully it will make me feel better when I feel movement like you said. It sort of confirms the realness of it all even though the baby is clearly there on the scan. Thanks again!xx

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Hi There,

I know it is hard not to worry, but be reassured if the hospital felt they needed to monitor you sooner they would have asked you to come back quicker. This is quite an interesting link to some common pregnancy issues, that may help calm your fears. Hope all goes well.

Best Wishes



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