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Spotting 5 weeks pregnant


I'm 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant and yesterday had some brown then pink spotting when I wiped. It made me panicky as we tried for 2 years and I had an investigatory lap & hys in December where they found 3 pea sized fibroids. I've had more brown spotting today.

Is spotting normal this early on or should I go to the early pregnancy unit? Anyone else experienced this?

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Spotting in most cases will be normal but if you're concerned you can always phone the early pregnancy unit who can either give you piece of mind or investigate if they're also concerned xx

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Thanks, I phoned 111 and they said they couldn't say either way, to monitor and wait but it's so worrying! Can't go to EPU until Monday as they only accept patients between 8&9am. Eep.

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I understand why you're worried, but in most cases it's absolutely normal! If you start bleeding red blood then I would be phoning straight away as that is a cause for concern but spotting is generally normal. Try your best not to worry as stress isn't good for you or baby!! Xx

I was spotting from around week 4 (when my period should have due) for around 2 weeks. It was just like a 1/4 of teaspoon and then nothing for 2-3 days, and then again.

I did not go to see GP as did not wanted to get worried as then maybe would have had scan and get even more worried if something ....

as I read online that some women do spot for a bit, just waited patiently for my scan!

At week 12 scan everything was fine.

Good luck and stay positive!

However, if it gets heavier then contact midwife!x

Thank you, yes I'm kind of worrying about a having a scan too early and freaking myself out. It's hard to be patient though isn't it! Google isn't helping much as its full of horror stories but does say around 20-30% of women spot. Scary though, it's still happening :(

I agree about online stories. One of the reasons I did not go to see the doc because of those scary stories : either they see the sack, but no baby, either having a miscarriage after internal ultrasound.

Will think if you and hope that the spotting will stop soon!!!x

Hi Becky, ive experienced light spotting over the last couple of days and then today a more worrying red spell. Has yours stopped? I've called nhs and am waiting to be called back

Hi, no im still getting it on and off. It's really worrying isn't it. I can't go to the early pregnancy unit until I'm 6 weeks, which is on Thursday. Until then I've been told to wait and watch! How far along are you?

You're right- I think before week 6 they often can't hear baby's heartbeats... good luck, stay strong and patient!x

Thanks ChrisWest and fingers crossed for us both mumstheword78

Hi Becky, sounds like we're the same way along. As of today I'm 6 weeks. I was sent for an early scan and everything is fine, nurse found strong heartbeat, and embryo was about 2mm. Nurse said that if I'd have gone through the hospital they would have told me to wait and monitor. She said that spotting was normal for some women regardless of colour, it was quantity that we should be concerned with, I. E if you fill a pad consistently and are in pain then that's the time to worry but if just spotting when wiping and just a small amount coming out that's deemed normal. Hope that helps put your mind at ease x would be good to keep track of your progress ☺

Hi, I'm 6 weeks today too. Great news your scan was so positive! I had a little bit more spotting on Tuesday but nothing since. Am waiting for Monday when I have my follow up at the clinic so am hoping that I'll get a scan then. If not I'm going to go to EPU instead.

Thanks for your response, it's put me at ease and it's good to know they deem it normal x

One thing I was told by the 111 nurse is that it is likely to be implantation bleeding, but I tested positive on day 27 of my cycle and I thought you only got a positive after implantation had happened. Can anyone advise?

On my Clearblue test it says that it detects pregnancy 5 days before next period - which means 10 days after ovulation/conception.x

PS: I think it's something to do with hormonal changes it detects (HCG) rather than if baby has implanted yet.

Great, thanks that gives me hope it was implantation then!

I had exactly the same last Monday. I was seen by the spy for a scan that day as I should have been coming up to 7 weeks.

She said I was much smaller (around 5 weeks) so either Egg had stopped growing or it was too early. There was a lot of blood in my womb so they were quite honest with me and said the likelihood of mc was high. Got another scan at 9am tomorrow (hence why it's 3.30am and I'm wide awake) to see if there has been any growth.

It's definitely worth pressing for an appointment.

Good luck x

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EPU* not spy!!!

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Thinking of you, fingers crossed all is well xx

Had my scan and there was a very faint and slow heartbeat so that's positive, although they would have liked it to be a bit stronger so I'm back next week for another scan. Can't say they aren't thorough!x

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Oh that's good news, hope it's improved next week x

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How was the second scan? Hope everything is ok x

So I had my follow up appointment at the clinic today, waited for that as I've heard EPUs can be stressful places to be. We told the consultant and he offered us a scan straight away. All looking good, heartbeat is strong. Massive relief! Don't know what the spotting was about but it hasn't caused any harm and hasn't happened since. Phew!


Hope your ok.

I started bleeding during my pregnancy at 12 weeks and I was terrified.

I wouldn't have described it as sporting but it was more like a gush of blood and then the same brown sort of coloured blood/discharge you describe. I went to A&E and was checked over and because I had no pain with the bleeding they told me just to sit tight. The bleeding continued on and off for about four weeks. I had extra scans and they found small blood clots or "hema-toma's" around my womb and sac of the baby. These are basically just groups of blood vessels that can be lost through bleeding or can just break down without leaving your body.

I would recommend always getting checked out if your bleeding because it is scary although at 5 weeks I'm not sure how willing they would be to give you scans etc.

I hope everything goes ok xx

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