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Am I pregnant?


I had a period on the 8th Jan and it finished on the 13th Jan. My periods are usually every 21 days sometimes 28 days.

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 15th Jan, 22nd Jan and again on the 30th Jan.

My period is usually here by now but has yet to appear.

Lately I am more tired and have constant headaches. I do not have any of the other typical pregnancy symptoms.

I have taken a pregnancy test already which has come back negative.

Should I wait another week or 3 weeks from my last unprotected sex to take the test again? (If my period doesn't come).


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Oh I did forget to add that I am having cramps and currently have the flu.


for future I would advise downloading the clue app to track ur cycle

it might have been too early to take the test the first time

but you may not be pregnant - stress can delay your period but if you are between every 21-28 days then it should be due this week

I wouldn't wait 3 weeks till after ur unprotected sex, I would take one this weekend as thats likely when ur period is due and if you still have worries speak to your gp or a family planning/sexual health clinic

the headaches and cramps could be due to the flu - similarly the tiredness (that's how I currently feel and im not pregnant!)


Thank you for your reply. I don't feel stressed, but I will definitely do one over the weekend if anything. Much appreciated :)

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No problem :) are you trying to get pregnant? Ignore me if you don't want to answer


We werent trying to this year and said we would next year after our wedding, but sometimes things don't go to plan and protection isn't used which is silly 🙈


whens your wedding? :)

and we've all been there with not using protection and worrying when ur period isn't on time

tho for me until I started tracking I kept worrying for the wrong date lol and worrying and stress at work makes me late too


Next year March. Super excited!

My period is always on time which is why I question if I am actually pregnant. If I am I would be happy if not then we will try next year like planned.

Part of me wishes that I am pregnant and its not all in my head lol. My period was meant to be due today. If it doesn't come by the weekend then I will take a test again like advised.


March is a nice time for a wedding :)

if your not pregnant I would advise to use protection between jun - jan so that your not either about to give birth on your wedding day or showing a big bump on the day lol

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Lol... can't have a baby upstage me on my wedding day. Condoms is it from now on. The other conception I was on made me put on weight in the last 6 years. Managed to lose 2 stones so 1 stone away from my target. Yay!


I was the same! I got the implant and 4stone later and a very crankier 3 years later its gone and managing to lose weight

good luck on the weight loss!


Thank you very much. Good luck on yours too. I will keep you updated on my results on the weekend or if my period comes before that :)

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Hi there

I would buy a pregnancy test and take it at the weekend as that will have been three weeks since you first had unprotected sex.

Best wishes



Thank you very much for your reply. Much appreciated :)

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