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Abortion on Monday

Hello. My friend is having an abortion on Monday and she's getting a contraception implant in her arm and I am going with her and looking after her for the day. I'm nto sure how she will feel afterwards as in can we get the bus or will I need to book a taxi? And will she be able to eat anything? I'm just worried about how I can look after her. I've tried talking to her about what will happen on Monday but she doesn't answer properly. Any advice would help.

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Hi Jo jo, Sadly I don’t know too much about the technicalities surrounding abortion but what I do know is you are being a very good friend and she is lucky to have you by her side. She might find talking in person hard so maybe you could just send her a couple of e-mails over the weekend to let her know the relevant information when you find out? That way you can tell her everything without her stopping you. Also she might find it easier to communicate that way. Good luck. x


I had the contraceptive implant fitted in my arm roughly about 4 months after giving birth to my 1st child in 2008.

From what I can remember I may have felt just a tad sleepy a few hours after it was inserted but I was fine straight after with no side effects at all.

I also remember the doctor offering me to take a seat in reception if I needed some time to gather my senses but I was happy enough to leave straight away.



Is she having a general anaesthetic? If so I think they will keep her in for an hour or 2 after to make sure she's ok. My friend took a taxi home and just snuggled down and ate toast and felt ok, if tired (plus basically really relieved it was over and it maybe the stress stopping your friend from engaging?) It might be better to get a taxi if it's not too much. Basically like Judith says you sound like a very lovely friend x


Good luck today Jojo. I hope your friend is alright and everything runs smoothly. xx


Is she having medical (pills) or surgical (general anaesthetic)?

Medical is for the first couple of week up until 11 weeks, if I remember correctly.

Anything over 11 weeks up until 20 weeks is surgical.

They advise to have someone with you both, mostly surgical and they do not want you to drive. A bus should be fine.


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