hi i am new to heath unlocked i am just after some advice.i had the medical abortion 3 weeks ago,and i am still bleeding does anyone no if this is normal.the bleeding isnt as bad as it was and only seems to pick up when im running round doing things.i also feel like i keep getting tension headaches but dont really no whether they have anything to do with it or im just getting them because im worried about the bleeding still going on.thank you for reading. xx

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  • Hi There,

    It is common to still be getting a light spotty bleeding 2-3 weeks after the medical treatment. If it began to smell funny, or you feel as though you have a temperature or the bleeding becomes heavier you should contact the clinic where you had treatment. They can then book you in for a post-op check and scan if you continue to worry I would give them a call.

    Best Wishes


  • hi thank you for your reply the bleeding isn't spotting its like a light period so theres always blood when i wipe and on the pad to.i have notised that sometimes when i am on the toilet i can smell thw blood but it just smells like blood if that makes sence do you no what smell i should be looking out for i have an appointment next tuesday to see them but that is the only time they can get me in and im worrying that tuesday is quite far away.i just feel so panicky over it all now xx

  • Try not to panic, you are probably fine. Sometimes a bit of tissue gets left behind which might cause the bleeding. Did you do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the treatment, and did you take some antibiotics? If you haven't had antibiotics you can call in a local sexual health clinic and explain, and they can give you some, or your GP can.

    They will scan you next, I know it seems a long way until Tuesday but you should be ok, if you continue to worry call their helpline back for advice.


  • yes i had the antibiotics.and i took the test that they gave me which came back positive i rang them and they said they would send me another test out as the line was faint but noticeable and if it comes back negative im to just cancel my appointment for next tuesday.im still passing very small clots but only seem to pass them when i get period like pains is this normal too.sorry for being a nuisance xx

  • No you are not being a nuisance. Do keep your appointment, it's important they check you over, as a faint positive test can indicate that some tissue is left behind, and it does sound like you need to be scanned and checked over. Hope it gets sorted.


  • thank you very much i will keep it xx

  • hi i jist want to thank you for your advice last week.i went to my appointment yesterday i took a test again which came back a very light positive.i also has a scan which showed that my womb was clean and clear so the procedure has work the lady that i saw said it looked as though i am on a period so that is maby why i have bled for so long.im still bleeding a little now but only slightly.i just want to thank you and all your team for all your support xx

  • Hi,I'm not really sure I can help you as I have never been through your situation.i am so sorry for what your going through and I really hope you can find someone to help you.if you feel that you want to try the hospital in Ukraine then only you can decide on that and if you feel its the right thing for you then go for it.i wish you the best of luck.x

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