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Hi. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago and I know in my heart from I found out that I cannot cope with having another baby. I am not looking to be judged as I'm a grown adult who knows this decision is the right one (even though I feel it's my fault I'm in this position). Failed contraception and I have mental health issues and I'm single so don't feel I could have a baby.

I've waited a week and a half for an intitial appointment at Sandyford clinic and its tomorrow morning. I'm really scared as I'm over 8 weeks and want this over with ASAP. Does anyone have any idea how long I will have to wait to be booked in for hospital app for the first pill? I would opt for surgical if I knew they could do it soon but I have no idea what kind of timescale. Is there a certain amount of time this has to be done in? I just don't want the pregnancy to keep progressing further and some days I have suicidql thoughts. I'm scared to tell them this incase they think I can't look after my 4 year old I already have/ it's just a bad time for me and I have heard stories that sometimes they make you wait long incase you change your mind but I know I won't and I feel I've waited long enough xx

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Hi there

The hospital you are having the consultation with, does offer early medical abortion and if you are sure of your decision, and are suitable for the treatment I'm sure they will get you fitted in as quickly as possible so as to avoid any more stress for you. Try to just concentrate and wait for tomorrow no one will make you wait if you are sure of your decision.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Hey, from my experience, it's possible to start your treatment on the day of consultation. It's all really down to the clinic on whether or not they can start the treatment on the day. From what I went through, you do a couple tests etc and have a scan and get given options on whether you want to start the abortion and what option you'd prefer. Just hold on tight, you won't have to wait too long now. Hope everything goes alright, here if you need someone to speak to xxx


Thanks Bpas_1968 and Cait124 :)

I feel much better after being at my app today. The nurse that spoke to me couldn't have been any nicer and so understanding and compassionate. She managed to get me my first app for first tab on Sunday then 2nd Tuesday. Could've been sat then Monday but my daughter starts school Monday and can't miss first day. She even went out her way to arrange for me to go home aftrr being administered the second lot on Tuesday to make it easier for me childcare wise. Although she did specify that I should have someone with me for my daughters sake. I also discovered I am a lot less pregnant than I originally thought which makes the process seem a little easier less guilty, although still feel so irresponsible to be in this position in first place. But as she said these things happen and I've thought it through for the greater good and welfare of myself and daughter.

I just know I need to be patient now as will be back to my normal self for my kids sake as feel like I've been so withdrawn from the world at the moment. Not saying the aftermath will be easy but hopefully some of the worry and anxiety will go. Thanks for your support and just hoping all goes to plan. As I'm now a wee bit worried about doing this at home but the nurse had given me instructions already and a hcg test that use after 2weeks to check the termination has been complete. It's crazy how that one appointment gave me some relief as its one step closer xxx


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Would u be willing to go with adoption I'm not bashing your decisions it's just there's so many women and couples who have fertility issues and cannot conceive i know it would be extremely hard to carry for 9 months and then give it away but then at least a family will have a chance to be parents


Oh wow didn't see how old this was


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