Hi I'm booked in for my consultation next week and have been phoning for a cancellation everyday since to bring it forward. I am nervous but it's the right thing, I'm estimated a 8/9 weeks at the moment so will probably be around 10 weeks for the procedure- is it more likely to be a surgical? I will have whichever procedure can be done first- just really want this be do over with so I can get on with my life and be rid of this constant anxious feeling being pregnant is giving me.

What are anyone's experiences of surgical abortion?

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  • My knowledge is that at 10 weeks an abortion is a 10 min procedure where you are awake and you are given some anxiety medication as well as some pain medication. The dr will insert a speculum and a suction device. It will be uncomfortable. Surround yourself with support during this time. Of course this would depend on where you live. Goodluck.

  • Hi there

    Generally surgical appointments do come up quickest, but you can also access a general anaesthetic for the same procedure. If you take a look at our website below that should give you much more information which might help?


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  • I had a surgical abortion at 18 and now at 24 find myself pregnant again. I'm about to go through this process again and in my experience, the surgical abortion was fine. You're under general anaesthetic so literally you fall asleep and wake up and its done. i didn't suffer from any side effects that i can remember. Everything will be ok, I share your feeling about just wanting it to be over. Best of Luck :)

    PS Remember if youre on the pill and you are sick you can get pregnant... i forgot this and well... now I'm on this forum.

  • Hi There,

    I hope you are ok and have been seen for your treatment to be booked? We have updated our website to include a conscious sedation option that you may want to consider.


    Hope it all goes ok for you.

    Best Wishes


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