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Understanding Dexa scan results

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Hi. I've had some results of my latest Dexa scan today. I'm due to speak to the consultant next week so I thought I'd jump the gun and ask some questions so I could prepare for the conversation.

This is a summary:

" Dexa scan shows an unreliable score at the lumbar spine due to the presence of vertebral fractures.

Fermoral Neck T score is -3.4 with a Z score of -2.2

This is a decline of 23% since 2019 (what's a Z score?)

Total Hip T score is -3.1 with a Z score of -2.2

This is a 19% decline since 2019

VFA (what does this mean?) imaging shows multiple thoracic and lumbar vertebral fractures including from T10 through to L3. These were not present in the 2019 scan. "

Bear in mind that most of this was due to side affects of drugs and my liver transplant last year. Since 2020, I have grown 10 cm from the results of the scan and am walking daily for strength building and started a new 8 week exercise program with a therapy trainer at my local hospital as a referral.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated as this is the next stage of my recovery.

Many thanks


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z score compares your bone density to an 'average' woman of your age: t score (the more useful one) compares it to that of a healthy 30year old. the more negative it is, the worse. -2.6 is the border between osteopoenia (not so bad) and osteoporosis. your dexa scan result should also give an estimate of the chances of having a major fracture in the next 10 years.

oops the border is -2.5

Thank you Mravazhamier for the explanation. I think I get it and I’m sure I will become use to the scores over time. It’s something new to study!

I dont understand about the T score so hope you can help. Why are older women being compared to women in their 30s. To me an avg bone scan for a 70 yr old would be compated to a 70 yr old with no osteoporosis. Just trying to understand . Thank you.

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Flowergirl24 in reply to Reana

Hi Reana

I don’t understand those scores either do I will be asking for an explanation when I speak to the consultant by telephone next week.

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Reana in reply to Flowergirl24

Please let me know when you find out. Thank you!

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DeannaAlphi in reply to Reana

Hi. It took me a long time to realise that the T score is nonsense. There is no worse score. The medics use the T score to "justify" prescribing medication and I was almost terrified into taking it. Like yourself, previous medications have helped my bones to deteriorate. Thank goodness I no longer blindly take prescribed medication. My current T score is off the chart....duh....I'm still functioning better than many 30 year olds, although I'm 67.....with no medication.

Research well before taking any more meds. Decide yourself, weighing up pros and cons. An increase in bone density and weight does not mean an increase in quality and strength. The research suggests that the medications can make the bones more brittle and therefore more likely to fracture. When I read that, I could not understand why I was being pressurised so strongly by the hospital etc. to take meds. Something else which did not make sense. I spoke with 5 pharmacists before I made my decision. I also read about the experiences of many on this and other worldwide forums. I think you are wise to question things so early on.

I'm not sure totally how to access old posts on here, I think there's a way. Many members on here have been extremely generous in sharing their experiences, sources of knowledge and the regime they have, or are using to help themselves. Worth a look because many new members ask the same questions and who has the time to answer the same questions with the same detail so frequently?

If you haven't already, may I suggest you make a list of friends and enemies to our bones. Adopt more friendly habits and drop negative habits where you can. Small changes can make big differences whether you take medications or not. An example of a couple of mine is to put a generous amount of magnesium flakes or epsom salts in my 45 min baths. I also have 2 teaspoons of white sesame seeds, soaked overnight in my morning smoothie, for my calcium. The Adcal supplements I was taking formed little lumps under my skin, so I found another alternative. Lots of people on here have their own lists of self help tips. You tube and google are also a mine of information.

Best of luck to you. xx

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