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Fractured T8

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Hi all I’m in agony with T8 fracture how long before improving. Is it normal for excruciating pain. Most pain killers not touching it. Thank you

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2-3 months is typical for most of the pain to resolve itself

Do you have osteoporosis? (I see by your profile's posts that you take prednisone, so that seems likely enough, and with a fracture now, it may be classed as 'severe'. Good posture, 'bend with the knees, not the back', might Greatly help avoid other vertebrae fractures.)

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

I'm sorry to hear about your fracture. My first fracture was at T8 and I know how painful it is. Unfortunately, it is different for everyone and although wbiC states 2-3 months, the reality for many people who suffer vertebral fractures is very different. My fracture happened in July 2019. I was still experiencing severe pain a year later (despite physio advice etc.) I then went on to have a further two vertebral fractures in July and September of 2020. To date I am in severe pain from all of those fractures, particularly when using my arms as this seems to affect the T8 and T9 area.I am on treatment but don't know how effective it will be.

The painkillers don't seem to help. I have morphine and cocodamol, although avoid morphine now as it causes horrible side effects. My gp practice are not interested in helping me but yours may be different, so please ask them for help.

Very best of luck.

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Hi Molly stark thanks for replying. I’m learning easier ways to get in abs out of bed. I stillWalk 10 mins even in pain. I’m taking pred and oxycodone paracetamol I stoped other stuff as they were not touching it and thought why put put more stuff in me to deal

With side effects when it doesn’t work. Each day is different some days I just can’t bear it

Other days I muddle on. I’m

Just punching in the dark. My gp

Says it will heal. But when. Lovely to hear from you.

The problem can be that when the bones fracture the muscles go into spasm to protect the injury but this causes acute pain. Heat from a pad or hot water bottle, very gentle massage, or frozen peas wrapped in a towel can all increase the circulation and help the muscles to relax. After 6 weeks it still hurts but becomes more bearable Hope you find a way to relax and cope with it

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Thank you walk21 im going to try today

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Can I ask what medications do you take for pain? How long can one take oxycodone? And muscle relaxants?

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Sorry, I can't help with that. I struggle with most pain-killers, and have never taken muscle relaxants. Prefer to rely on old fashioned things like hot water bottles.

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Tbh I use a water bottle it’s heaven on my back

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I’m now only talking paracetamol and oxycodone twice a day. Iv stopped other meds because just felt stoned with pain.

That sounds awful,so sorry for you.They say the worst pain goes off in one or two days,hope they're right!I have Fentanyl patches,down to 12mcg now & Tramadol top ups for other related pains.Hope you get some relief soon.x

Hi Uglow, So sorry to hear you are struggling with pain from having had a fracture.

I have had 7 spinal fractures in total and have been given different kinds of pain relief over the last 6 years.

It depends on who is prescribing your meds as to how long you can stay on them.

It has been usual for me to have a high dose when the fractures occur of ocycodone, once the fractures begin to heal this has then been reduced.

If once the fractures heal you are left with chronic pain then it is usual to either stay on a low dose or change to patches.

Patches are slow release so do work well for a lot of people with chronic pain.

I was also given them in a higher dose for the Acute pain when I had some of my previous fractures but preferred oxycodone as I found it more effective at managing my pain.

If oxycodone is not controlling your pain then perhaps you need to have a review with who prescribed it as the dose can not be high enough.

Oxycodone is THE strongest of all the pain killers so if it is not working for you then it does sound like your dose is too low.

When I had my first fracture I used hot water bottles but found them not to be that helpfull.

It was only when I had my later fractures that I was offered Diazapam for the muscle spasms.

This is something I wish they had given me years ago.

It is only for short term use but can be stopped and then restarted.

I get muscle spasms quite often and feel it is very safe to use if used sensibly.

You ask how long it will take to heal.

They can take up to 3 months for some people, it is important to remember no two people or 2 fractures are the same.

Everyone is different.

The pain felt with fractures is very different to the pain they can leave behind .

I feel I must say that with each of my fractures I have been left with more pain than the one before it.

After my very first fracture I recovered quite well.

Hope this answers your questions and is of some help to you.

Take care.

I was prescribed Calcitonin injections daily for the first two weeks to help with pain and add a little calcium. I think they worked a bit but difficult to tell when taking slow release morphine and diazepam as well.

I was also taking a very high dose of vit d, one red gel capsule every Monday for six weeks.

I am afraid that even with all of these the pain was pretty horrific and I still get bad days now where the spasms come from around my back to my ribs and I struggle to keep calm as breathing is difficult with my lungs squashed a bit.

It will take time and no two people are the same, I had multiple thoracic fractures, four months after my lumber fractures were initially blamed on pulled muscles! It took an MRI scan to show the full extent of all my fractures.

As for a hot water bottle, I urge you not to, as not only can it be difficult filling something up with very hot water, it could be dangerous if you spill or the bottle bursts. You can buy an electric heat pad off of Amazon for about twenty pounds which has various heat temperatures and a timer which turns it off after two hours if you should fall asleep with it. It is much more convenient and can wrap around your shoulders or waist to give you comfort, so much safer for you too.


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Thank you very useful

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