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Fractured T8

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I didn’t realise my fractured vertebrae is old I thought it was new. Anyone know what flares it up back pain has been horrible. Thanks

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Hi,Why are you describing it as old?

Is it 3 months now since your fracture?

Once fractures have healed reporting of an MRI scan of the spine or x rays will class them as old fractures even if they only occured 6 weeks ago.

I only found this out myself a few years ago after my 4th fracture.

We are all very different we heal at different rates and no 2 fractures are the same.

The fractures once healed can leave us with different levels of pain, and things that we once were able to do are difficult or even impossible.

There are many different types of pain relief available to try and your gp is the best way forward with prescribing something for you.

I think it is early days for you yet and these things do take time.

Perhaps if you can focus on getting some proper pain relief it will help you.

The lidocaine patches that you say you are using were given you for a previous problem and they are not something that I have ever known to be used for compression fractures.

They will only give you short term relief in a very small area.

If you only have the one fracture my message to you is

PLEASE do everything you possibly can to avoid having any more, you are in a position now where you can do that.

Osteoporosis is a serious disease and I wish that when I started out on my journey with it there had been forums such as these.

Take care and let us know how you are.

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Uglow in reply to Sunseaandsand

I called it old as I asked my Gp and apparently it’s the one I did in 2018 which is why I have no idea how it came about. I just got out of the bed and boom it was like somewhat kicked me in back. I knew the pain was same as before then X-ray showed it. I thought I’d done again but not what my Gp saying. I may try to get to see orthopaedic consultant to get some real advice as physio said do these exercises lol I can even bend at moment. I bent to pick up something this morning and o feel back to square one. I really need help. My Gp called regards my polymyalgia and said oh we can talk about your back another day I’ll call you in two weeks I said I can’t wait I’m in so much pain but she said we have covered enough today. If only my back understood. I need painkillers advice. Iv tried paracetamol co codomol and ihave oxycodone. Nothing taking it away. Any tips anyone. My life is a misery with this pain. I’m on steroid for polymyalgia that a bit better. I’d appreciate any comments

Thank you

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Uglow

The fracture you had in 2018 would not suddenly begin to give you severe pain.

Have you been and had an x ray at the hospital to see if you have another fracture?

It may be possible that you have a new fracture, but you said that you bent this morning to pick something up.

If you have a new fracture you would not be able to bend, you should not be bending anyway if you have osteoporosis and have fractured in the past, you must bend from the knees as you are putting yourself at risk of more fractures.

Perhaps it is a bulging disc you have as you say the pain has come back again after bending.

I would try to make an appointment to see someone in orthopaedics they will do an MR I of the spine to find out what is going on if they think it necessary.

I did say before that Oxycodone is just about the strongest pain relief there is and I am very surprised it is not working, have you tried increasing the dose??

Your doctor or practice nurse will advise you on that.

It all seems quite complex as your rheumatologist has said that your dexa is no different than in 2015 and your osteoporosis is in the early stage.

It may be helpful for you if you speak to one of the nurses on the ROS helpline they offer excellent advice and are very good at listening to any problems we have.

I hope you get something sorted out very soon that will help you.

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Uglow in reply to Sunseaandsand

I will try see a orthopaedic consultant

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Uglow in reply to Sunseaandsand

Can you not get servers pain again then. I’m not sure that’s what they told me it was old fracture

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Uglow

Fractures can leave you with ongoing chronic pain, but you are saying this is new pain so it could well be a new fracture.I think seeing a consultant will clarify things for you.

Hope you can be seen quickly.

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Uglow in reply to Sunseaandsand

It’s never gone completely but Iv had X-ray and that’s what they told me

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Uglow in reply to Sunseaandsand

My rheumatologist said my dexa is no different from 2015 and I only have early osteoporosis

I had a compression fracture of my T10 nearly 20 years ago. It was from an accident, not a spontaneous fracture. My bone density was still pre-osteoporosis then. My last DEXA now shows osteoporosis. Damp or stormy weather triggers pain there for me. I was told osteoarthritis may form in that area. My rheumatologist ordered an x-Ray and I was told the fracture was stable.

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Uglow in reply to SusanEleven

Thanks for that I will ask if mine is stable

Old fractures calcify

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