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For those who have fractured, drugs and supplements

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have just received results of a scan to find that I have another two fractures (total 5 or maybe 6) which is a worry. I am not on any medication as most are going

to be a problem with my health problems. I am looking at Strontium Ranelate, I am in the UK so can get this, although I think the aspartamine in it will give me migraine which I get a lot, also, Raloxifene, but not sure this will prevent fractures enough, biodentical hormones are a possibility, maybe calcitonin as I have heard it prevents migraine as well.

I tried Strontium Citrate twice and had upset bowels on an eighth of a tablet, two different makes, but I am tempted to try again, I am not very mobile due to pain and I have peripheral neuropathy so am a bit worried about blood clots etc. which I know can be a problem with Stront Ranelate and Raloxifen.

Would be grateful to hear of any experiences with any of these medications from those that are taking them and have had fractures in the past.

I would also be interested in anyone who has fractured and stopped fracturing or increased BMD with supplements etc. or a mixture of both.


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I used to take SR with no known side effects before it was banned in the UK. When it came back on the market I was told by a doctor I saw twice a year in the endo department that I would not be put back on it as where I live it is no longer prescribed to patients. :( It is the only drug I would take for OP. At the moment I do not wish to take a drug . I am happy with my last REMS scan that I paid for privately. I shall have another REMS scan in 2 years time and hopefully the results will again be favourable to me.

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Well thats unfair that some parts of the country give it out and some dont. Mind you, it was two years ago I was offered it, so things may have changed.

Hi! I was on Terraparatide for two years and now I’m on Denosumab. I did have four more fractures when I started the Denosumab but I’ve been told they work between one and two years. I did take one Alendronic acid tablet and was violently sick the next day while I was in hospital with my T12.I did have problems with Alendronic acid but I’m fine on the other medication. Sorry for being ignorant but I don’t understand why some don’t like taking the medication. Is there something I’m missing. I know some get side effects but what I’m on now seems to work. I’ve had seven fractures all together.

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I think people are worried by rebound fractures if you come off Prolia. Also, for me, personally, I would be worried about vertigo which is a side effect, as I already suffer that, and its not nice to live with, problem with it, is that once you are injected, its there for 6 x months. Its all a personal choice though, I had to come off Forteo as well after 6 months unfortunately.

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Mavary in reply to cmoc

Hi I’ve suffered with the odd bout of vertigo but I don’t get it often. I’ve had terraparatide and am now on Denosumab. It hasn’t affected me as regards vertigo. That doesn’t mean to say it wouldn’t affect anyone else. I’ve got on fine with both of them. I’ve heard of a few that say they can’t take certain things. I couldn’t take Alendronic acid but what I’m on now is fine.

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