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I'm new here - question about bioidentical hormones

Hello and thank you to ITYFIALMCTT on here who recommended the group.

I saw an endocrinologist this week to discuss my recently diagnosed osteoporosis. She thinks I may have partly contributed to my osteoporosis by taking too much T3/Liothyronine for my underactive thyroid. I know there are differences of opinion on this. I was T4/Thyroxine only for 17 years and at that time had a private heel test which showed -1.1 and low risk for OP. 6 years later and T3 only for 4 years I have a DEXA scan which is -3.2 in spine and femoral hip. I am hoping to reintroduce some T4 and reduce my T3 which may or may not work, and may or may not make me feel hypothyroid. I already have a diagnosis of CFS/ME so I am concerned how this will al pan out.

The Endo would like me to consider something to treat my osteoporosis (no breaks or symptoms as yet), but I hate the thought of nearly all the pharmaceutical treatments. I am looking at hormones rather than anything else, and wonder how much they can help? I also am trying to get my head round the differences between NHS HRT and bioidentical - are any of the NHS HRT meds made from plants or are they all synthetic or made from horse urine still? I have started using Natural Progesterone, but the Endo didn't seem to believe it would help at all. Can anyone give any info on any of this please as I seem to be doing all I can in other directions (supplements, herbs, eating well, as much weight bearing as I can manage with the stamina issues).

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I wonder if the NOS helpline would be able to answer some of your questions about the HRT sources/make-up?

There are some indications that the heel test might be comparatively accessible but not necessarily a decent indicator of OP risk.

There are lots of people here who have opted to supplement medications with other approaches and those who have opted for no medication (like HeronNS ).

I know you've had some recommendations to look at the Better Bones site for helpful information.


Apologies as I have just realised that I did not reply to you.

There seem to be mixed views on the heel test accuracy. Some believe it to be very accurate (including my new Endo it seems....) and some not.

I have managed to do some more research now and decided against any hormones other than natural progesterone which I have been taking since March. Unfortunately it seems that even this is not without side effects - I get a strong sedative effect with it so have had to lay off it for a week or so, and then I will try again with a lower dose.

I don't want to take pharmaceutical medications and from what I have read, NOS tend to be more supportive of these than a natural approach. I am using a variety of approaches so far......using a little calcium with plenty of magnesium, D3, boron, K2. Also I visit a medical herbalist who has given me 2 herbs to help with bones. I am also thinking about using a strontium supplement.


I forgot to say above that I eat a very good diet with very little sugar and mostly whole foods. Exercise is harder as I have a diagnosis of ME/CFS but am not too severe so I can garden and walk a little bit.


Hi, I've been on BHRT for the past 3 months. My understanding is that they are stronger than photo hormone replacement & BHRT have the exact molecular structure as those made in the human body. They are plant based & are NOT made from horse urine! I too tried the natural progesterone, many different supplements, but they didn't have any effects on me. I have had no hot flushes/night sweats etc since starting BHRT & my sleep improved immensely within a couple of weeks.

I too have some autoimmune issues & recent osteopenia diagnosis. The hospital is hoping the bio identicals will help with the latter.

I don't know where you are based, but you can get BHRT on the NHS!


Thank you VanK - very interested in your reply. I have heard someone else say that you can get Bioidentical Hormones on the NHS but when I tried to look it up, I could not find out specific info. Could you tell me the actual names of the ones you take please?

I am not so sure now though about the bioidentical hormones as I am using natural progesterone on its own, (which I buy from the US at present) and not sure that the oestrogen is needed as I am many years past menopause (by 15 years). In fact my medical herbalist is giving me some herbs that are supposed to help with this aspect (black cohosh).

I am looking into maybe using Forsteo (called Forteo in the US) as this apparently can help with building bone and it sounds as if they may be willing to consider me even though I have not broken a bone yet. I am supposed to be seeing a rheumatologist to discuss this soon.


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