Strontium Ranalate and exercise

Hi I am new to this site,used to be a member on the old NOS forum. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with osteoporosis and after trying several treatments,the only one I could use with out side affects was Strontium Ranelate,which I still take. My last Dexa showed a really good improvement and my spine is now osteopenia classed and my hip measurement has improved. I have a healthy diet and do around 20 hours exercise a week. I find Body Balance classes 3hours a week really beneficial . Hope this helps as I have seen several posts about Strontium where people are not sure,by the way I am 72 and really active

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  • I too take SR after trying several treatments. I also read up about SR after being diagnosed and thought this was the best medication for me to take. It was a little bit of a fight to be prescribed SR but in the end it got sorted. I have no known side effects to date. I exercise too. I was also a member on the old NOS site. Quite a few of us there took strontium, didn't we?

  • Thanks, jennyjay. My doc said strontium isn't used much now, and prescribed risondronate (?) instead.

    What does "body balance" consist of?

  • Hi Ronnie, yes, since the "scaremongering" a couple of years ago with SR not many doctors wish to prescribe it and there are of course patients who do not wish to have it prescribed either. The "scares" with this drug do not particularly worry me as it would appear that practically all meds can have side effects. As I am not over 80 years old and practically bed bound, do not have high BP and am active I find this drug to be the best one for me after having tried a couple of the others for a week or so with bad side effects.

  • Hi Ronnie 101, Body Balance is a mixture of Tia Chai, Yoga and Pilates, I particularly like it because there is a lot of stretching and it keeps me supple.

    I think the reason doc's don't like SR is that if you have high blood pressure or any kind of heart trouble it's not good. I am ok from that point of view and I have a wonderful doc who checks me out regularly and is not worried about me taking it.When I had my last DEXA last June the consultant said the beauty of SR is that it works, Hope this is helpful take care

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