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Hello i have imflammation in both my wrists, and both shoulders, both knees, and both feet...the doctor said its not authuritus...

Now.. ive looked up every forum there is, and im guessing! ill be put on the steroid injection?

so from what ive seems like, some people get good results.. some dont. The pain goes away for a few weeks after injection, then comes back,

So my question is, can the steroid injection actually get rid of the pain for good?

if not does that mean im gona be stuck with this problem forever? i havent read anywhere with anyone actually being cured.. from injections or surgery?? ive had this pain for 9 month so far, and i feel like theres no hope....

i will say in the last 9 months, of researching the net, ive not seen one person say, they got cured from joint pains or inflammation?? if anyone can shed some light on this be great thanks...

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You describe your symptoms but not really what disease you've been diagnosed with, as a number of things could cause pain in the joints you describe. If it's not arthritis, what does the doctor think it is? You need to get a better answer from him/her than that!

I went around for a year or two thinking that my osteoarthritis was getting worse, but couldn't really fathom why the pain seemed to be in my muscles not my joints. Eventually a new doctor diagnosed polymyalgia rheumatica, and oral prednisone has made me feel ever so much better, although as you rightly pointed out steroids only deal with symptoms, they don't cure anything.

Once you have been properly diagnosed and hopefully treated the next moves, literally, are up to you. You can do what you can to find out how to care for whatever part of you is afflicted, whether that includes special exercises, modification of diet, whatever. My feeling is there's no point getting medicine, feeling better, but returning the body to the same conditions which made it complain in the first place. In your case it may take a bit of detective work to figure out what makes the inflammation flare and cause pain, but I think that may be the only way you'll be able to get a handle on the condition so that you can begin real healing.

In my case I don't ever expect to be 100% again, but I do plan to keep myself healthier than before so that I'm never in the same sort of crisis situation I was before diagnosis and treatment.

All the best. Do let us know how you get on.


3 years ago I had an attack of inflammation which affected the joints of my fingers, wrist, elbows and shoulders and the muscles nearby. The previous winter something similar but only in the joint around my thumbs. As there is a strong history of arthritis in my family I asked my GP for an arthritis test but told that was only provided if my hands had reached the stage of being claw like! Cutbacks I presume. I researched and the only way I could see to go was to change my diet. I already guessed that milk and alcohol caused me allergic sinusitis. I tried an elimination diet, cutting out the major culprits of wheat, dairy, caffeine and sugar for 3 weeks, introducing them 1 at a time 3 weeks later with a week between each. Meanwhile I ate a very healthy diet of mainly fruit and veg, bone broth and good quality meat, chicken and fish and supplements. The pain had disappeared but 10 minutes after taking dairy I had flashes of pain in my fingers, even after thoughtlessly putting butter on bread! I now no longer take dairy as even dark chocolate made in a factory alongside milk chocolate affects me. I make my own with a paelo recipe with organic cacao. I take lots of green veg and salad to compensate calcium intake. Goats butter is great. Throughout this I found that a good quality Montmorency Cherry Juice drink alongside Udos Choice oil blend very effective in dampening the inflammation as well as promoting a good sleeping pattern. Of course you can always access an allergy test. Sometimes a good health shop provides them or a nutritionist.


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