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Hi, looking to hear back from anyone who has had any experience with symptoms of atypical fracture of the femur.

A couple of months into my first injection of Prolia amongst many other side effects I began to feel pain like a deep ache in my upper front of right leg with groin and lower hip pain.

Seven week ago it got worse and I felt more pain on putting my foot to the ground, but then this subsided whilst away on holiday for 4 weeks.

Then on Monday of this week suddenly in the evening I could not put my foot down and had to go up the stairs on all fours as the pain was so bad. Once in bed I could not change position as when I tried to move the pain became excruciating in the top front part of my leg.

Since Monday it's ached and felt sore.

I contacted ROS nurses and also the hospital, who advised because of being on Prolia I should get X ray done. Went to see GP who did not have any knowledge of Atypical fractures of the femur other than the hospital had sent him a letter to say I was on Prolia and there is a risk of this occurring.

He sent me for an X ray but initially he was only going to have my pelvis Xrayed until my husband told him I needed to have the long bone Xrayed.

I'm feeling confused and very apprehensive. On trying to read about this type of fracture it is very clinical more aimed at the professional rather than the patient.I am reading that these fractures don't usually show up on a first X ray. So where does that leave a person if something is going wrong?

It may be something muscular, and that is what I would be thinking had I not been treated with Prolia and also in the past with Bisphosponates.

I so wish I had not agreed to have Prolia as a treatment.It is awfull to live ones life with the worry of WHAT IFs. I would really like to read of others experiences. Is there anything I should or should not be doing? How are these fractures treated?

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My late mother had pains at the top of her leg, finding it difficult to walk and went to A&E a few times. She was told it was a touch of arthritis and to go away and take paracetamol. She did have an x - ray in the end and was told nothing showed up. My mother was not one to ever make a fuss about her health but she really was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, a few weeks later after the last visit to A&E about this, she was standing outside of her porch waiting for an ambulance to take her to a hospital appointment and she collapsed. Her femur had broken.

I cannot emphasis it enough that you should not let it go if your x ray comes back ok and you are not happy that this is correct. I am sure there are other scans that will show if anything is going on, but expense probably stops them offering it. Please insist. We know our own body better than anyone else. Please do not let them fob you off . My mother was on Bisphosponates for years. I was not aware that she had been on this drug for so long because I knew nothing about osteoporosis back then. I had not been diagnosed with it.

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Kaarina

Thank you so much.

I actually have an appointment at the hospital for my dexa scan in 2 weeks time.

I will certainly be asking for more tests if the pain does not go.

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AnnieW55 in reply to Sunseaandsand

I agree with Karina and Heron.

Can you go to A&E? I feel that waiting 2 weeks is waiting too long.

Have you had your x-ray yet? If not I would go to hospital. When you are there explain everything, write down everything you want to say, they may be able to get an on call specialist to see you. Not wishing to worry you but last year I had very similar aches/pains (albeit aggravated by marathon training and subsequently running a marathon. I’ve not been on Prolia) which resulted in a neck of femur fracture. The aches and pains didn’t happen when running. It may be that your problems are muscular, I hope so, but with your history I think you need to be firm with the health service and be seen as soon as possible.

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Sunseaandsand in reply to AnnieW55

Thank you for your reply.

I had xrays taken late yesterday and was told the results would go to my gp in 2 weeks.

The hospital I attend for my osteoporosis had told me to get my gp to send me for the X ray (I had called them and told them about the pain I am having) and to let them know when I have had it done.

I actually had it done at my local hospital whom I have no confidence in as they have always failed to diagnose my fractures in the spine.

On Monday morning I shall phone the osteoporosis secretary and request that they are looked at quickly and take it from there.

If I am still in pain then I will want it looking into further.

I am sorry to hear of your fracture and hope you are recovered now from it.

Can I ask what the pain felt like to you?

This is a deep pain but almost feels sore with it and like it's burning.

Thank you once again.

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AnnieW55 in reply to Sunseaandsand

Im fine now thank you although I am still aware of the area 90% of the time, not pain, just achey or a “feeling”. When it first started it was an ache in my inner groin area that spread to my outer hip. Sometimes I had pain on the front of my leg and hip on certain movements or when turning. That pain was sharp and stabbing. As it didn’t happen when running I didn’t think it was anything serious and carried on running for a few weeks. My NOF finally broke about 150k after the aches and pains started.

When I gave the history to my osteo consultant and orthopaedic surgeon they both gave me a knowing look when I mentioned the groin/hip aches and pains Id had.

I hope you get a quick resolution.

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If you've only been on Prolia for one dose and especially if you are still within the six months before the next one (if you agree to take it) is due, it seems unlikely that this medication would have caused this problem. But I think you have taken other bone medications already so I agree with Kaarina that you need to fight for a proper diagnosis. Can you see a specialist urgently because it seems a bit unsettling to be dealing with a GP who doesn't know about atypical fractures of the femur.

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Sunseaandsand in reply to HeronNS

Hi, I am not within the six months.It ended at the end of August and I was told by the bone specialist that it would all be gone by the end of 9 months. I rang the hospital and they said to go to my gp and have him send me for an X ray.

I had it taken late yesterday at my local hospital.

The hospital I attend for my osteoporosis care told me to call when I have had it done and they will look at them.I will now have to wait and call them on Monday.

I had 2 injections of Ibandronate in 2017 and was treated with the same injections for a period of 3 years some years ago.

I have an appointment, at which I shall also have a dexa scan, in just under 2 weeks time, this is also at the hospital I attend for my osteoporosis.

I am not continuing with Prolia and they are wanting me to go back on the Bisphosponates, I now just don't know what to do.

If all is good with my X ray and it's muscular or something similar, then I really don't want to have the worry of something going wrong every time I have new pain.

It's not a good way to live ones life.

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Lwpretzelman in reply to Sunseaandsand

You need to get a MRI of your femur my leg fractured the afternoon of getting my results in the morning. Had to have surgery the following day. They had to put a metal rod & 2 screws in my leg. I’m on the road to recovery now but it’s painful. If I had known the side effects of this drug I never would have taken it. Hope you feel better

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Lwpretzelman

Sorry to hear of your problems.

Prolia seems to be causing some terrible side effects.

The results from my xray did not show any fracture.

They have told me it must be coming from my back, there is nothing else I can do now.

At the moment I am awaiting an appointment to see a gastroengiologist and also a consultant cardiologist.

I have had so many problems since that one injection I so wish I had listened to myself and not others.

If we could only turn back the clock.

Wish you well and a full recovery.

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Lwpretzelman in reply to Sunseaandsand


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Bernieisinthe in reply to Sunseaandsand

Prolia - if you want to stop taking Prolia, you should take something else for awhile.

Prolia " cold-turkey " , you could lose a lot of bone. They call it the " rebound effect.


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