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Joints: Vit D too High I have severe osteoporosis in lumber spine, broke a wrist 1/2yrs ago. which is still paining. I was ordered prolia which I get tg no side effects. I had been abroad and had a battery of blood tests done after coming back. I was due Prolia but couldn't get it as my Vit d levels were too high. also stress levels cortisol was high. Told to go off vit d and omegs etc for 6 weeks.Then have vit d repeated which is down to 92, Don't know yet if I'm able to have Prolia yet as Dr away at present.Could someone recommend Safe lumber spine strengthening exercise, and wrist strengthening exercise. Prolia did improve my bone density, but wrist has held me back till now. I am taking Calcium vit3 forte, plus k2 . What is best for distressing,I am on Nexium down now to 20mgs alt days.I have Hiatus hernia, but hoping to get off Nexium completely. Could some of you good people help me as we are all in the same boat. God bless you all.

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Back exercise betterbones.com/blog/post/s...

Wrist exercise physioadvisor.com.au/exerci...

Seated exercises saveourbones.com/osteoporos...

Live Kefir is marvellous for rebuilding bone structure ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/252... and is a miracle food that can alleviate all sorts of health issues spiritofhealthkc.com/wp/wp-...

Have you come across turmeric opa.ahsc.arizona.edu/newsro... and/or its cousin ginger which also improves bones but doubles up as a good treatment for stomach acid - which, by the by, you do not want to suppress wallerwellness.com/health-a...

Did you know that you can repair a hiatal hernia yourself?

there are other methods that you can see in videos on youtube if the ankle drop in this method is too much for your bones.

Exercise is a marvellous way of de-stressing and, if you can get hold of one, using a rebounder is positively the best form of exercise you can get - it helps rebuild bone mass and reverse osteoporosis. It can be used at many different levels - so someone with osteoporosis would begin with a very simple bounce

Unlike other forms of weight bearing exercise, it distributes the g-force evenly between all joints thus minimising pressure. reboundoz.com.au/rebounding... If you have issues with balance it can also be used with a stabilising bar.

Diaphragmatic breathing is another way to de-stress that brings myriad benefits with it

Hope at least some of this helps

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Joints Many Linlow thanks for your detailed information and help, also great information on sites. This I appreciate very much, as I find there is very little help here, and GP s don't give or have no knowledge of Oesteoporosis. I have heard about Tumeric capsules. I will let you know how I get on ,Glad to get help on exercises, and how to reduce stress. I'm on Calcium Carbonate with d3 twice daily, I heard Calcium Citrate was better asorbed. Do you have any advice on this, Again many thanks Linlow.


I do wish that they wouldn't try to blind us with science - those GPs - when they really haven't a clue (I don't blame them for that, there really is so much for them to keep in their tiny little heads ;) ). You go into the surgery with one problem and come out with a prescription and a dozen more ailments!!

Prolia is marketed as a wonder cure for osteoporosis but, in fact, it is far from that. Yes it halts bone degeneration but it does so by interfering with the body's own bone manufacturing industry, osteoblasts and osteoclasts - no new bone laid down, no old bone removed. It also decreases serum calcium levels and causes osteonecrosis (dead bone), actually leads to an increased likelihood of fractures and effects the immune system. progressivehealth.com/revie...

But that isn't what you asked :)

Which is the best calcium supplement? Neither! The best one you can get is Calcium Orotate globalhealingcenter.com/nat...

You need to ensure that the vitamin A levels in your diet are high enough as this is another vitamin necessary to good bone health globalhealingcenter.com/nat... Magnesium is also important in bone health, possibly more so than calcium preventdisease.com/news/13/...

Ideally all the intervention measures you adopt to reverse your osteoporosis should involve diet, sunshine and exercise. I cannot emphasise enough that kefir and fresh grated turmeric both work wonders and complement a bone building diet well. As you add the 'good' foods mentioned in previous links, there are foods you should be removing from your diet if they are in there (and most of us eat some of them at the very least). everydayhealth.com/osteopor... not least that bone leaching demon sugar universityhealthnews.com/da... High levels of animal protein can leach bones too as it acidifies the body healthalkaline.com/preventi...

Exposure to midday (10 till 3) sunlight daily will increase bone mineral density - hands and face is not enough exposure. Ideally you should be getting enough to turn your skin pink - or, at the very least, warm to the touch. Whilst exercising you can use a weight belt to add more bone building pressure to your body mass but I cannot emphasis enough the benefits of rebounding chrisbeatcancer.com/rebound... and it helps alkalise the body too - two birds/one stone can't be bad ; )


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Bones That's great imformation, Linlow, Great to hear from a person like yourself who is willing to share your knowledge. From now I'm starting to make these changes to help my Oesteoporosis. I am off Vit d at present Linlow. My diet is quite good and take meat about once weekly. I have a lot of stress in my life, with personal issues, I'm starting to go to relaxation classes which are helping greatly. I have started to take turmeric capsules with Vit c and Cinnamon. I will look for Kelfir. I live In Ireland and hard to get some products, may be able to get them on line.I will keep in touch. Sorry on printing I have hit some wrong button.I still have a lot to learn on computer. Hope to take classes on same. Thanks a million Linlow.


(I have osteopenia, that is why I got interested in the subject)

You can get kefir on both ebay and amazon, if it isn't available locally (try health shops or local ads). Last time I checked ebay was cheapest but amazon prices were coming down as more sellers offered it. You want the live milk kind not pre-bottled drinks or supplements as these are much lower in probiotics that, in some instance, have been killed off by processing. There is also a water kefir grain but again these do not provide the same level of probiotics and are not the ones researched for bone regeneration.

As you only get about a teaspoonful of grains they may seem expensive but you only need about a spoonful. They are self perpetuating and will multiply at a terrific rate in the right conditions so could last a lifetime. You do not have to use milk (so long as the grains get a regular milk feed) and coconut milk makes a terrific alternative - though it is a bit volcanic in the fermenting.

If you do get some and want help or hints give me a tap (or a PM) and I'll see what I can do :)

Tai Chi, yoga and pilates are great for relaxation as well as for exercise but (OMG I'm repeating myself ;) ) I can't stress how good rebounding is for getting rid of stress as well as all its other benefits. You can get rebounders online too, at the two aforementioned outlets, though I got mine through freecycle - if you can get lucky. They take up about as much room as a large armchair.

You hit the ctrl button at the same time as i instead of shift/i to get a capital. That makes everything come out in italics. If it happens again all you have to do is ctrl/i again. If you hit ctrl/b everything goes black. Ctrl/u does underline. Hey! that is great, I didn't realise the HU's text editor offered formatting. See, you've done me a favour by not realising what you had done - learn summat new every day, I say :)

Good luck with any training course you find. It is a long time since I did my first night class in IT but I loved it. You can also get free training online and there are loads of videos on youtube - covering just about any aspect of computers you can think of from really simple 'how do I use notepad' through to 'building you own computer' and much more. That is something else you can give me a tap for if you are ever stuck :)

Take care, good luck with the bones and make sure you have fun.

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Can you tell me why your D level was too high? Mine also was tested and found too high, at winter's end so even more concerning. I've done some reading and think it may be due to sarcoidosis which I was diagnosed with many years ago, but being asymptomatic didn't realize it might be active and relevant to my current situation. No, I was not taking huge amounts. Between the various supplements and food I wouldn't have gone above 4000 IU daily. We get many times that from a dose of summer sun and the body knows not to activate more than we need. Or it should....


Joints Thanks HeronNs for your reply, I had just returned from a holiday in Thailand in May. I was taking extra omega supplements along with Calcium +d3 1000mgs of Calcium and 600mg vit d. Plus the sun. I think this was the reason because when instructed from the Consultant to stop supplements for 6 weeks,and repeat test, which reading has come down from 126 to 92. Thanks very much for your reply, Best wishes.

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was that omega 3 or omega 6? Omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory whilst omega 6 causes inflammation. Inflammation is great in small doses but the modern diet is far too high in omega 6 (thanks to the oil manufacturers and their deadly vegetable oils). The ratio should be 1:1 or, at worst, 1:4 3:6 but most diets are more like 1:16 or higher. High levels of omega 6 actually suppress omega 3 so it cannot do its job :(


Joints It was Omega 6 which I don't take now. Thanks for that Linlow.


I'm just now catching up with this posting thread. Thanks for all the detailed info Linlow.


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