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Paracentesis Tomorrow

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Jimmy is having his first paracentesis tomorrow morning. Please keep us in your prayers that it goes smoothly, not too hard on him and that no bad results from tests afterwards.

I was happy with his blood work today. Yes, still have things that are Low or High (expected with cancer and liver disease) but they were all a little better than last weeks results and I'll take that. ❤

He's feeling wiped out right now from Lenvima. After he takes about a week, has to back off for a couple days because it makes him so sick. I probably won't give it to him tonight and tomorrow night and let him get some strength back. Why isn't there something that can fight the darn cancer without making you so sick?

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Positive thoughts for a happy outcome for tomorrow!

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So many prayers and good thoughts for Thursday, Sharon! I wanted to copy this reply I made on another post, just in case you didn't see it, in the hope that it eases your mind about the procedure:

Sharon, that is such a beautiful photo of you guys! I am typing quickly here because my kids are due to arrive any minute, but I'll be back on tonight. But just to let you know, Dave had paracentesis many, many times and it gave him SO much relief. It was not painful, it was fairly quick, and was outpatient.

Because he was going in weekly to be drained, after about a month he asked about having a Pleurx drain inserted so we could drain the fluid at home. He had that placed July 8 but the VA took a couple weeks to actually send the bottles (it's a process, getting the order placed!) But community care/VA did cover the drain insertion and the supplies, and from then on I drained the fluid for him when he became uncomfortable. So feel free to ask ANY questions you have. Wishing you both all the best with this, and also - fabulous news on his liver values! I am so truly happy to hear that. Keeping you both in my heart and my prayers. 💚

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DancingEyes63Caregiver in reply to Curly_Girl

Good morning Wendy. ❤ Thank you so much for the information. It does ease my mind. Also good to know about the drain. I'll keep it in mind if /when this becomes an ongoing thing. I know Jimmy hates to have to go to hospital so I'm sure he'd rather be able to take care of it at home. So glad your kids are there for you. Love and prayers. ❤❤❤

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I saw On another post to Wendy they ended up not having to do the paracentesis because there was not enough fluid to drain ....which is good. My husband also had leg cramps on Lasix but we were able to manage fluid and the cramps using a combination of Lasix and spironolactone which is a diuretic that doesn’t affect potassium like Lasix does. He still took potassium supplement but the combination of the two worked for him with managing fluid, and he had only one paracentesis after a Y90 procedure that caused some inflammation. I hope that helps. I lost my sweet hero in June due to an unexpected complication. You and Jimmy are in my prayers for this difficult walk <3

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