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I was just told my AFP was over 8000 and that I am having resection surgery soon. I am having radiation this Wednesday the 26th , Vir Theraspheres Inplantation. Not sure what to expect from either

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Hi Jay! My husband is your age and he had the Y90 radiation a few months after he was diagnosed in 2018. He had to lie still for a while after the procedure to make sure the artery was going to stay closed (they run the catheter through an artery in the groin). He really didn't have bad side effects from it -- some nausea that was managed with medication. There was also a trial run about 2 weeks before, where they injected dye to plan the best route for the radiation beads.

He was not eligible for resection due to a portal vein blood clot, so this procedure (Y90) did not completely get rid of his tumor, but it did knock it way back so we are glad he did it.

He is currently on systemic oral chemo as a palliative treatment and he is doing very well. His liver function is good, he's active and feeling good, and his tumor has actually been shrinking (the goal is really just to keep it stable). His AFP came down from about 4000 at diagnosis to 177 currently.

We wish you well for your resection and your radiation treatment!

Wendy and Dave in Michigan

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Thanks so much


Hi Jay!! My husband has had Y 90 treatment right after diagnosis in 2019 and again in January 2020. His only side effects were some nausea for which he took meds and some flulike symptoms that subsided. He was told he couldn't sleep with his spouse for a few days after due to the radiation to which he asked who he COULD sleep with. :) Also couldn't pick up our 2 year old grandson for a short period of time. He had a dramatic reduction in tumor size and killed the main tumor. He was not a candidate for resection due to a total vein blood clot and this procedure drastically reduced the main tumor. He has some very small spots they watch closely. Liver function is good. He did have some irritation of the liver the second time with some temporary fluid accumulation that they drained and which has never recurred since then. Best wishes to you with the treatment and resection!

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