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i had stents three in number after been diagnosed with 85 per cent clogged arteries while i was always a very fit person my bp always was sporadic in its readings mainly a heridatry legacy the cardiologist post stents put me on amlodpine 10 mg bisop 2 .5 rostavastin 5 mg asprin 10mg pentrax 10mg the bp setteled at 145 /78 then after a few months it spiked to 185 /85 the doctor then prescribed cardura 8mg and coversyl plus 10 2.5 mg it is now at the 155 75 range my m cardiologist tells me if i lose a stone he may be reducing 1 tablet i was 16 and a half stone i am now 15 s10lbs i feel t while thes drugs are nessary for bp control they could wreck havock withe the body ang mind over a long period has any one tried hawthorn thorn and magnesium ive heard it lowers bp and people that used them discontinued or reduced the bp drugs i am 59 years old thanfing you fran

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hawthorn magnesium thanks whatnext for the reply i am very surprised that there is such little intrest in the herbal supplement issue on this site or from the readers here maybe it is a case we are missing the most basic and important facts on our health thanks fran

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