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can pulmonary hypertension cause prehypertension

can pulmonary hypertension cause prehypertension

For quite a wile i have been suffering from prehypertension MY doctor say's its not high enough to cause symtoms.

But given i have lung diease and proberly do have pulmonary hypertension can that then cause prehypertension.

I have noticed asprin takes egde of symtoms of dizzy's and feeling like i am going to pass out.

When my blood pressure is high ALSO why can blood pressure be high but pulse is low.

I know lung disease causes our blood cells to resemble sickle cell blood and guess thats why at risk of blood clots and i assume pulmonary hypertension and prehypertension.

Have noticed there is lot of conflicting information out there on when to treat high blood pressure BUT this very little on how and when to treat those like my self.

Thats why am asking can pulmonary hypertension cause prehypertension.

Also would be nice to know about high blood pressure and low pulse and would asprini help with both talked about here.


Cheers thanks

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