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High Blood Pressure is the Leading Cause of Kidney Disease

After Diabetes, high blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney disease. If you have high blood pressure, make sure to have blood work done to test for kidney disease. Question the results from your doctor and make sure you are clear on exactly what your kidney function is. There are many people on our Kidney forum who were not told they had early stages of kidney disease. There are ways to prevent damage and slow down the disease if caught in early stages.

Here is more information davita.com/kidney-disease/c...

I have seen too many people, along with myself, who left it up to the doctors to tell us if there were any issues with our organs, only to find out later that we could have caught the issue earlier.GP are just that. General practitioners. They know a little about a lot. In the US, a rating of 60 or above GFR ( this shows Kidney function and is one of the blood tests) is shown as normal, so most doctors see that number as normal and go on, but in reality it is stage 2 ( early stage) kidney disease. At that stage, much can I be done to slow down progression.

Please educate yourself and keep yourself healthy. Please share this information with those you love. Here's to a long healthy life!

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This is interesting - my e-GFR is taken monthly and is always 60. As well as essential hypertension I have two autoimmune diseases, one of which can affect the kidneys. I also have microscopic haematuria. I am on the maximum dose of a drug principally used for kidney disease. But when I was a reviewed in the connective tissue disease clinic recently I was told that there is no clear objective for me taking this drug because I don’t have kidney disease?


Just curious who put you on the drug for kidney disease and what was the original purpose. I would try to consult with a nephrologist. If a lower dose of the medication could be used, I would think it would be ideal as medications can also damage kidneys. Noted you have hematuria. If you have autoimmune issues than you might develop some form of nephritis. Was the medication for protein leak? If so then you would be considered to have a form of CKD I would think. I have IGA Nephropathy which is an autoimmune disease which causes protein leaks and hematuria. I now have the protein mostly under control using a blood pressure medicine Lisinopril at a very low dose, and my GFR rose from low 50s to 80s then back to 70s. You might want to do some research on Davita.com.

The thing is that 60 GFR although still considered in the normal range with most doctors, is at the bottom of stage 2 almost stage 3. If you can begin making lifestyle changes to protect your kidneys, especially if you have autoimmune disease, you will have a much better chance at keeping them from further deterioration. I would make sure to get some clear answers as to what is going on with your kidneys and don't accept that 60 is normal. If you are in your 80's then that may be the case, but if you are younger than keep pushing for answers.

take care,

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Thanks so much for alerting me to this. To explain: I have Sjögren’s and autoimmune Hypothyroidism. Sjögren’s can damage the kidneys and other organs. I’m on Mycophenolate as a DMARD for my very systemic version of Sjögren’s (previously misdiagnosed as RA) - having previously tried four other DMARD medications. My rheumatologist agreed to let me try Mycophenolate because I couldn’t tolerate the others and have neurological involvement so wanted them to do something to try and prevent this from progressing further. I have just turned 55.

I’m also under neurology and gastroenterology and a vascular doctor - and they are meeting this month to decide whether or not to keep me on the Mycophenolate, which I tolerate well. My BP has actually come down and the trace blood in my urine has gone since I went up to the higher dose but the vascular doctor thought this was more likely due to weight loss.

I’m interested in IgA nephropathy because my IgA is always slightly elevated as are Creatinine and total protein. When I asked a Sjögren’s specialist she explained that this is linked to the high inflammation of Sjögren’s. No one has ever said that I have early stage kidney disease but I often think my hypertension is secondary to my autoimmunity rather than essential as described. I take 62.5mg Losartan and 3g Mycophenolate and I live in Scotland.

Thanks for helping me to get better informed 🙂

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Sounds complicated, but also like you have it all under control. It's great all your doctors are meeting together to discuss. :)

I will private message you some things I have found with IGA nephropathy as they may help you since they are also due to inflammation.

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Thanks this is really good of you. I’m keen to learn more now. X

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