High cholesterol? Check your thyroid gland!

A symptom of an underactive thyroid is raised cholesterol and eventually heart disease if not treated along with weight gain, lethargy, brain fog, aching muscles...not enough T3 makes your blood pressure rise. Thousands of us in the same boat and needing T3.

Comprehensive bloods including TSH,FT4, FT3,B12, vitD, thyroid antibodies, reverse t3, iron, ferritin etc need to be taken to rule out thyroid issues. Post your results on the thyroid group on this site as most GP's tell you you're in the correct range when you are not!

I am one of those. Just started natural dedicated thyroid which has T3 in it(not available on the NHS disgustingly!)

Planning a march to Downing Street later in the year to protest.

I guarantee some of you will be in the same boat.

Good luck.

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  • Hi katepots I've got all these symptoms I've seen 4 docs and I've got female relatives with thyroid problems and they still say my thyroid is fine! I feel really ill was awake all night with heart palpitations I'm very glad you are getting this problem out there thank you x

  • I'll have a look at that thanks.

  • I will look for it ,thank you

  • If I were you I'd get private bloods done.

    Thyroid plus T

    Or Thyroid plus 15 are good and comprehensive.


    Not cheap but then you have ammunition to take to your GP!

  • bluehorizonmedicaks do private blood testing.

    Thyroid plus T


    Thyroid plus 15 test all the things that need to be tested for a complete thyroid profile which GP"s don't do!

    It's not cheap but you are then armed with information to take to your GP! Best thing I ever did.

    Post your results on the thyroid group and they will tell you what needs doing or what is out of kilter.

    Vit d deficiency will cause brain fog.

    B12 the same with lethargy, brittle nails, and a lot of other symptoms.

    GP"s don't test for this unless you ask. I'll find the B12 check list and post on here for you.

  • A lot of the problem is that gps only do basic testing and unless that flags up as a problem they say everything is fine!

    Its easier to dish out various blood pressure tablets than truely identify a problem, is how i feel.

  • How true is this? I've never come across this before. What are your sources? I know that there is a connection between raised cholesterol and an underactive thyroid.

    My BP went high quite recently even though I was exercising under supervision, my heart checks out well, I've treadmill tests, ultrasound, you name it, and my cholesterol is ok less than one of the 'bad' stuff' and 3.5 of the 'good stuff'. I'm on 5mg of Ramipril.

    Recently, I started to get hypo symptoms, palpitations, coldness, brittle nails, dry skin which suggests that my 100mg of levo each day ain't working but because of my heart condition, won't up my levo or consider prescribing T3 as well as Levo, which is why I'd like to sources on BP as I'm seeing her tomorrow.

  • My sources are me as i suffer from thyroid issues and due to not getting T3 my cholesterol has risen from 3.4 to 6.9 in three years!

    Aldo the thyroid support group here is a mind of information.

    You also sound like you might be suffering with B12 deficiency as your symptoms are typical of that.

    Get your Vitamin D checked too.

  • Sorry thyroid fog I'd put blood pressure rather than cholesterol. I meant cholesterol but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a link with blood pressure and thyroid issues.

    Mine can be high to very low in a few hours.

  • I ve suffered from high blood pressure as high as 230/120 before and doctors kept telling me that my thyroid levels were fine, even though I have all the symptoms of hashimotos. I was given bp meds but they didn't work, I started taking nature thyrod about a month ago and my blood pressure has reduced to around 150/90 to 144/90 from over 200/120. Am a working progress and believe I will overcome eventually by the grace of God. Tanks to everyone on this forum, I wouldn't recover from this sickness without u all.....truly.

  • I take natural dedicated thyroid too. Gives you all the T's! Definitely helps the heart in my book.

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