high blood pressure tablets and personality changes

hi I've been on heart tables since last may after being in hospital with high blood pressure and have been through alot of changes since gone from care free not taking any tablets to taking 10 a day............

my closest friend house mate who has been fantastic all the way through will say that I'm not the same person am not as emotionally excited about stuff or as down about things either like I've flatlined she said my whole personally has changed and that I can't see it .

i know I'm not always up for a party after working a 12 hour days taking tablets on top of that I do get tired I still go out 3 nights a week meet up with friends and have a social life I still feel the same person.I just get super tired.

has anyone else ever experienced this ?

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  • I never heard of anyone with HBP being given heart meds before, I think that it must have been something more serious. You also sound young, if you're still up for partying. Most of us on here are older and might not be able to relate very easily to your meds.

    Medication is notorious for it's side effects and yes feeling super tired can be a side effect.

    Did your doctor say why you'd been given heart medication? It's important to know why you need this, at a ripe old age of 70 and having had HBP for fifteen years now, I was never prescribed heart medication which is why I think there must be something more serious with your diagnosis. Ask the doctor why you've been given so many drugs for HBP, you certainly need this information. God bless, I hope that you'll feel better soon,

  • thanks for your response when I said heart tablets I ment tablets for my blood pressure thought they were heart pills

    yeah it was serious at the time I had a very high blood pressure 300/200 ....

    .its taken 4 tablets to bring my bp down I'm on labetalol doxazosin ramipril and amlodipine

    I'm 34 and have had every test going ha !! no reason they can find for my high bp.

    I was just wondering if other people on blood pressure tablets have the same issue with friend or families saying the same thing .

  • So glad to read below that your BP is under control now, 300/200 is serious. hopefully they'll find out what's causing it and be able to fix it. I never heard of a change in personality on meds but your mix isn't something I know and has probably slowed you down. Then again if you're working 12 hour days it could be a good thing you're not partying every night. Possibly the meds are calming and that could be why you're not getting the high/low emotional responses you used to. Maybe your GP could explain it. Your health is way more important, you're so young and if this medication can get you back to being well that's what matters. I really hope you'll take good care and go on to have a very full and happy life.

  • You are so young to have high readings. I am wondering what kind of tests have Dr.s done on you to see why your reading are high?

    I believe there is an underlying reason. I have not had any testing but would would like to have some.

  • hi yeah I've had x2 mri scans for brain n kidneys echo scan cortisol levels checked growth hormone test ct scan coushings symdrome test....

    more test that I can't remember all came bk negative

    which is gd part from underactive thyroid which runs in my family which is not a reason for my high bp they can't find a reason just keep popping pills ha !! x

  • Hashimoto's runs through our family too smtate and, when under medicated, affects every organ in your body. This was my experience when not diagnosed for quite a while and then under medicated. I found myself with very high BP, heart problems and high cholesterol until I took matters into my own hands and switched to NDT, regulating my own dose.

    I bought myself an Omron monitor, switched medication to Losartan and eventually weaned myself off the unnecessarily high doses of Amiodpine, etc. that caused high anxiety and depression as, well as depleted many essential nutrients - magnesium, vitamin B12 etc.,

    I'm now an old lady and enjoying much better health in years after substituting various natural alternatives, e.g. garlic, hawthorn & olive leaf, fish oil, CoEnzyme Q10....and gentle exercise.

    I hope you find answers soon.

  • Do you take bp meds. how high is your bp

  • yes I take bp meds my bp was really high now lowest readings 110/80 and the highest I get is 140/97 .

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