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high blood pressure tablets and personality changes

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hi I've been on heart tables since last may after being in hospital with high blood pressure and have been through alot of changes since gone from care free not taking any tablets to taking 10 a day............

my closest friend house mate who has been fantastic all the way through will say that I'm not the same person am not as emotionally excited about stuff or as down about things either like I've flatlined she said my whole personally has changed and that I can't see it .

i know I'm not always up for a party after working a 12 hour days taking tablets on top of that I do get tired I still go out 3 nights a week meet up with friends and have a social life I still feel the same person.I just get super tired.

has anyone else ever experienced this ?

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I never heard of anyone with HBP being given heart meds before, I think that it must have been something more serious. You also sound young, if you're still up for partying. Most of us on here are older and might not be able to relate very easily to your meds.

Medication is notorious for it's side effects and yes feeling super tired can be a side effect.

Did your doctor say why you'd been given heart medication? It's important to know why you need this, at a ripe old age of 70 and having had HBP for fifteen years now, I was never prescribed heart medication which is why I think there must be something more serious with your diagnosis. Ask the doctor why you've been given so many drugs for HBP, you certainly need this information. God bless, I hope that you'll feel better soon,

thanks for your response when I said heart tablets I ment tablets for my blood pressure thought they were heart pills

yeah it was serious at the time I had a very high blood pressure 300/200 ....

.its taken 4 tablets to bring my bp down I'm on labetalol doxazosin ramipril and amlodipine

I'm 34 and have had every test going ha !! no reason they can find for my high bp.

I was just wondering if other people on blood pressure tablets have the same issue with friend or families saying the same thing .

So glad to read below that your BP is under control now, 300/200 is serious. hopefully they'll find out what's causing it and be able to fix it. I never heard of a change in personality on meds but your mix isn't something I know and has probably slowed you down. Then again if you're working 12 hour days it could be a good thing you're not partying every night. Possibly the meds are calming and that could be why you're not getting the high/low emotional responses you used to. Maybe your GP could explain it. Your health is way more important, you're so young and if this medication can get you back to being well that's what matters. I really hope you'll take good care and go on to have a very full and happy life.

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Maxyz3 in reply to smtate1120782

You are so young to have high readings. I am wondering what kind of tests have Dr.s done on you to see why your reading are high?

I believe there is an underlying reason. I have not had any testing but would would like to have some.

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smtate1120782 in reply to Maxyz3

hi yeah I've had x2 mri scans for brain n kidneys echo scan cortisol levels checked growth hormone test ct scan coushings symdrome test....

more test that I can't remember all came bk negative

which is gd part from underactive thyroid which runs in my family which is not a reason for my high bp they can't find a reason just keep popping pills ha !! x

Hashimoto's runs through our family too smtate and, when under medicated, affects every organ in your body. This was my experience when not diagnosed for quite a while and then under medicated. I found myself with very high BP, heart problems and high cholesterol until I took matters into my own hands and switched to NDT, regulating my own dose.

I bought myself an Omron monitor, switched medication to Losartan and eventually weaned myself off the unnecessarily high doses of Amiodpine, etc. that caused high anxiety and depression as, well as depleted many essential nutrients - magnesium, vitamin B12 etc.,

I'm now an old lady and enjoying much better health in years after substituting various natural alternatives, e.g. garlic, hawthorn & olive leaf, fish oil, CoEnzyme Q10....and gentle exercise.

I hope you find answers soon.

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rocheen in reply to ntyler37

Do you take bp meds. how high is your bp

yes I take bp meds my bp was really high now lowest readings 110/80 and the highest I get is 140/97 .

Yes, I am experiencing this with my husband. He has started taking heart medication and high blood pressure medication just 3 weeks ago. The personality change was starting to freak me out. I'm so glad you wrote your message cause it helps me to know I'm not alone in this. Exactly what was starting to bother me was that he doesn't seem to get excited anymore when something good happens. Doesn't seem to have anything get him upset either. That parts good, but I miss my excited happy husband. He was either in work mode or fun loving little boy mode. Now it's exactly like your roommate friend said, as if he's flatlined on the emotions. Anyway, he's moving slower and thinking slower, and he's forgetting things. And that's not like him. He's a different person it seems. But after having to pray about it this morning, I know God will help me with this and that he will help my husband with this. Obviously it's only been 3 weeks and it was a big experience for him. I think I had lost him for like a minute. The episode went like this. He was short of breath one morning from Aleve we believe. He wanted us to still go to church cause he was really excited about a new church we had found. It was our second visit to this church. At church, once he walked very slowly to the bathroom. He came back, sat down, was still short of breath, after a bit, he rolled right off the seat onto the floor. (He had been sitting on end seat of the row) I cried out: "He needs prayer, he's been short of breath off and on all morning, it's his heart!" Cause this had never happened before and it scared me. Then I went to the floor and began praying for him along with everyone in the church and 911 was called at same time by nurse at church. He wasn't breathing at first I believe he was gone for about a minute. We were all on floor and around him praying hard for him. He started stirring, foam coming out of his mouth. Then I started crying really hard like a late release of a fear that I had thought I'd lost him. He took a bit to gain his energy back in order to get up, so we all just kept praying. I was just so glad that he was still alive and still with me. After a bit, he reached over and touched my knee and said, "It's gonna be ok." We all thought that was cute and sweet which is how he is. Anyway again that was 3 weeks ago. So it's been an adjustment from no doctors and no meds to Dr appts galore and 4 medications. Dr dropped him down to 3 meds last week. Anyway, I'm so thankful that God saved his life. Really the next morning after this event, I woke up and realized and felt that I had actually lost him for like a minute, and that God had given him his life back cause I was crying out to him. Now it's just been an adjustment for us both as we are not the type people to be comfortable with lots of medications and dr visits. We really prefer natural remedies. For example, he gets reflexology foot massages from me often. Anyway, sorry I didn't expect to type the whole story. ;-) Oh my! I am now though noticing the difference in his personality. But it is good! And I am thankful! I can adjust if I have to. You know as far as in the relation or communication with him. I still see the good in my awesome husband. And I just need to not let the personality change in him freak me out too much. Perhaps he won't be staying on all the medication. We'll see. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. I guess life is just like that sometimes!

hi yeah its taken me 2 years after changing tablets going to the docs getting the right meds that work for me with the least side effects. .....my trouble I think it was down to almpdopine looking bk now Iy made me depressed took life out of me and I was still doing buy I was going through the motions I was fantastic at reducing my bp I've now changed tablets ....I now feel I have my happy beans back my friends say I'm bk to being me ......3 week to is still very early days I was like a zombie when I first started taking bp meds if his mood doesn't lift and the tablet he's taking the side effects dont get better speak to your doc theres a lot of different tablets that will work better for him hope this helps. ......wish best of health and happiness to you both ....

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mistique in reply to 123kris

my husband has just been diagnosed a week ago with severe hypertension with heart complication.is now on 3 different pills lisinopril,amlodipine and doxasozin.The very reason I have searched for this forum as a few minutes ago my husband has just shown severe anger that I really had to walked out before it got worst.he is very sensitive with his feelings but insensitive of mine.

hi mistique

tablets have all different side effects because he has only been on the tablets a short period of time his body will be adjusting to all of this ..

when I first went on bp tablets it was soo hard got put on 3 straight away I was like a on another planet.

where after time most my side effects disappeared some stayed I came off amlodipine they made me feel down tired swollen knees I was snappy in a mood most days and really never noticed how bad I was until my flat mate pointed it out

I went to the doc and got the tablet changed things have been so much better since ...my advice would be if his mood doesn't get better go bk to the docs

also for me it was a massive shock I went from taking no tablets too taking 7 tablets a day hospital appointments docs every other week and thinking why me?? ... wanting to find a reason and no one being able to give me a answer which was frustrating

and to be honest would take it out on my friends so I had that to deal with too just takes time .

I am 2 years down the line and probably only felt well for the past 6 months

as I said if things don' improve go see your doc keep things will get easier. .x

hi smate it does take a while for the body to get used to the changes or effects the drugs do take also if a person consumes a lot of alcohol it confuses the mind further and can minimise the effects of the drugs regards edd

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smtate1120782 in reply to jim444

hello yes it can all is fine now ..I don't drink alot of alcohol mine was down to side effects after taking almpdopine for a year the side effects just was not going away changed tablet all is good now thanks xx

Up to age 70 I had great BP but got very stressed helping in the care of my dear Mum in her last years. The doctor told me not to worry about an elevated BP of 170/90 because he expected it to drop once I was less stressed. How I regret listening to that advise because I became increasingly grumpy and downright miserable, not a nice person to live with. A different doctor diagnosed hypertension about a year later and immediately gave me meds. As my BP became normal my grumpiness disappeared and nowadays aged 75 I find the only time I feel myself easily irritated is because I forgot to take my tablet when I woke up that morning. Certainly helped me these meds!

Hi what do you take instead of Amlodipine?.

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I take 20 mg Lercanidipine.....no problems

What 'heart' medication are you prescribed? I wonder if it is a beta-blocker which makes the heart beat slower. (Often one of these in UK).

atenolol (Tenormin)

bisoprolol (Cardicor, Emcor)


metoprolol (Betaloc, Lopresor)

nebivolol (Nebilet)

propranolol (Inderal), though there are others.

It's often indicated for heart arrhythmia and can also help with high blood pressure and anxiety, although it's not so often prescribed for HBP alone these days. They work by blocking the effects of adrenaline in your body.

Anyway, they are notorious for making you feel not only exceptionally tired, but also quite flat. When you think of it, it's adrenaline that gives us our 'highs' in normal life and when that's not happening, as is the case with beta-blockers, it really does mean that you don't feel like, or behave as, the life and soul of the party. That's why I decided to live with my arrhythmia until it becomes serious enough for surgery. I was like a zombie on beta-blockers.

I take labetalol ramipril lercanidipine doxazosin and a water tablet forgot it's name all works well for me now ....

I normally take my BP tablets first thing in the morning , a comibination of perindopril and amlopodine. ( take crestor statins last thing at night as suggested by my doctor) does taking the BP tablets morning or night make a difference?

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