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Homeopathy For High BP

Hi all

My uncle 62, has been taking BP medicines for years. Right now he is on Clindipine and Olmesartan. Sometimes he feels very depressed and anxious. A friend of his told him, his depression is due to hypertensive drugs. Being scared he wants to switch from Allopathic medicines to Homeopathic ones. Is there any potent homeopathic medicines for Hypertension?


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For homeopathy to work properly, your uncle would need to see a trained homeopath, who would take a full case history to tailor the remedy/remedies to him.

I also am having problems with the side effect of anxiety and depression on BP medication and am reading up on magnesium at the moment - quite an eye opener. It turns out most of us are deficient and the meds we take for heart and BP deplete our levels even further!

I'm not recommending coming off medication as that wouldn't be a good idea. I, personally, now intend to try an easily absorbed magnesium citrate supplement, monitor my BP and, hopefully, gradually wean myself off the medication.

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Nuts, avocado, peas, green leafy vegetables, etc.

I'm reading, 'Invisible Minerals - Part 1 - Magnesium", on Kindle by Dr. Caroline Dean, at the moment. Another by the same author is 'The Magnesium Miracle', which my brother had read and recommended. She writes that most people are deficient and recommends supplementing with 'Natural Calm' magnesium citrate powder in distilled water, available from Amazon - I'm ordering this today.

Best to start and build up slowly - slow down if experiencing diarrhoea - this is the body's way of flushing it out if too much at a time is not being absorbed.


Oh, I nearly forgot - milk, cheese, yoghurt, sea vegetables, rhubarb, fruit and you'll like this - dark chocolate 😍

Celery and beetroot are also said to help high BP.

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Cali111 I have had HBP for 30years I am now 72. Overtime I have been tried on most varieties of BP medications eg, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARB and diuretics. The only ones which have ever suited me are diuretics. All the others I suffered very bad side effects. I don`t know of an effect of depression only that I suffered with this due to feeling so off with these other forms of medications. Indapamide and spironalactone one robs you of potassium and the other gives it you back. Since taking these together my BP is now at an acceptable level of 127/80 and I feel more myself which I haven`t done for ages.


Hi, I have been going to see a homeopath for six months. Nothing is working to bring down my blood pressure. Starting to feel that its a waste of time and I am wasting my money.


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