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High BP with dizziness

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Hello, I woke up Thursday feeling very dizzy had a BP of 200/90 . Don't usually have a high BP but it does have a tendcy to rise very quickly. Went straight to the Docs and ended up in hospital . BP didn't go down much they did different tests to look for signs of heart attack or stroke but couldn't find anything. Back home again but last night BP went up through the roof again and dizziness got worse ,plus also have a slight headache. I have dot some medication for BP now. But still feeling very dizzy. Anybody had similar experience. Thanks

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Hi Lyndel, have you ever suffered from panic attacks or the like? My father in law never had them before then they came on suddenly with exactly the same symptoms. He now take cbd oil and hasn't had an episode for months.

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Lyndel in reply to DeanSamson

Hi Dean thanks for your response. Funny you should say that because I do suffer from anxiety. I have recently returned from England( I live abroad) and I got myself into such a state with all the corona regulations around the flying. I was uptight for a while. Will give the cbd oil a try thanks.

Hi Lyndel. If the BP med isn't working you should contact your GP but how long have you been taking the med for? Also, do you get problems with your neck at all? Make a note of what you are doing when the dizziness starts i.e. looking down, up, bending over, lying down - it may just help the GP to diagnose what's going on. Good luck.

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Lyndel in reply to springcross

Thanks Springcross for your answer. I have only just started the medication so I will have to give it sometime to work. I have no problems with my neck . Thanks a lot.

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springcross in reply to Lyndel

I hope you can get it sorted. 🤞

I haven't had that experience, Lyndel, which must have been pretty frightening - but great to know you haven't had a heart attack or stroke. So the thing is now to keep your BP under control.

I think staff in hospitals are so busy they haven't had time to point you towards what you, yourself, need to do to keep your BP down.

Personally I think the best resource is Blood Pressure UK website. Pills are all very well but it's what you yourself do (diet, lifestyle and so on) which will help you.

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Lyndel in reply to Happyrosie

Thankyou for your reply. I will certainly check the website out. I think sometomea we need a wake up call to alter our lifestyles.

Have them check to see if your Aorta has any calcification. It's possible you need a prescribed blood thinner. You definitely need to see your GP as soon as possible for further tests and examination. I'm surprised they did not admit you to the hospital and keep your there at least overnight for observation and possible to do more test on you the following day.

My BP is normally averages 118/78 but for the last few 3 or 4 days it has been in the upper 130's/80's and I am also feeling lightheaded. I'm 72 and my doctor thinks I could have a B12 deficinecy and I also have a mild calcification of the Aorta. Possibly need a stint put in at some point. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow morning for some tests. I take 10mg Amlodipine daily for the BP and I also have Diabetes 2 though that is under good control at present. Hope all will be well with you.

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Lyndel in reply to Paja

Thakyou for you reply. I am going to the doctors this week and I will mention that. I am feeling a little better now and BP has come down but still feeling light headed. Wishing you all the best.

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Nick234 in reply to Lyndel

I had exactly the same symptoms, dizziness, lightheadedness and high blood pressure and ended up in hospital twice.Doctors tested me extensively for the clinical symptoms. Nothing found.

At the end of the day my symptoms were caused by stress/anxiety.

Addressing the anxiety through abdominal breathing exercises and mindfulness practice caused all the symptoms to disappear.

Still take BP medication but that awful feeling of giddyness/light headyness and surging BP gone for good.

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Lyndel in reply to Nick234

Hi Nick thanks for your info. This is such a great site that we can communicate and hear of peoples different experiences. I really think mine is also caused from anxiety, I am always trying to calm myself down but it doesn't always work. I have been taking BP meds now since Thursday but now I am at the other end of the spectrum BP now 105/60 and still feeling a little light headed but nothing like before. I think now it could be from the meds. I have to go to the doctors tomorrow so will see what he says. Once again thanks to all in taking time to answer, its a great help😀

I had the same experiences. Three years ago I suddenly felt as though I would faint. I quit smoking immediately and felt dizzy for three months during which time I discovered I had HBP. I did significant lifestyle changes and went to several appointments before meds were prescribed. By that time the dizziness disappeared. I was put on 2.5mgs amlodopine. It worked great. I have dizzy spells here and there but nothing like before...and they are rare. My dr thinks it's anxiety and put me on hydroxyzine but I don't take it.

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Lyndel in reply to Sacquit

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am on meds now too for BP and they seem to be working. The dizziness is a little better now, but as you say I think lifestyle changes are important. I have to lose weight and get my anxiety in control but changes take time.

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