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pneumococcal vaccination ?

my doctors keep saying that i dont need this !

ive asked my gp and he said i do but the management of the practise say otherwise.................

so ive looked again at the rules and who can get it and yes it looks like im right** !

Who needs a pneumococcal vaccination?

The PPV vaccine is recommended for many of the same people who receive an annual flu vaccination and other selected groups of people at higher risk of developing complications from pneumococcal infection.

Unlike the flu vaccine which is given every year, the pneumococcal vaccine is only usually given once. The Scottish Government provides pneumococcal immunisation for all people aged 65 years and over. For those aged under 65, GPs may at their own discretion provide immunisation for people with the following serious medical conditions:

Problems with the spleen either because the spleen has been removed or does not work properly, e.g. sickle cell disorder and coeliac disease.

***Chronic lung disease including chronic bronchitis or emphysema.**

Serious heart conditions.

Severe kidney disease.

Long-term liver disease.

Diabetes requiring medication.

Lowered immunity due to disease or treatment eg HIV, chemotherapy for cancer, or long-term oral steroids for conditions such as asthma.

Cochlear implants.

Individuals with cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

Children under five years of age who have previously had invasive pneumococcal disease such as meningitis or bacteraemia.

the information is from this website....

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Hello Roger2502 - If your GP says you need it then I'd heed their advice, you say your doctors say no you don't need it, do you mean Consultants? if your GP is prepared to give it I would go with that. I've unfortunately had to have it twice as I'm diagnose HI resistantand susceptible to Pneumonia. I'm from Wales so I don't know if we have different rules here.

Take care




Hi Roger, I'm in Scotland too and my GP says I won't get the pneumonia jab until I'm 65.



Hi Roger,the pneumonia jab is given every 10 years and yes you should have it done.I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis,copd, years ago.I had the flu jab and the pneumonia jab should have the flu jab twice a year.make sure you take all your prescibed medicine,keep wrapped up warm,plenty of soups and hot meals.keep away from crowds and anyone that has a cold.take good care of yourself.OK.


This might be a Scottish money saving thing. I am in England and was given it as soon as they diagnosed my COPD. They say it should be done every 10 years as Fishtail pointed out..


I`m from Scotland and i had the pneumonia about 7 years ago..was told it would keep me safe for 10 years now they have changed this to lifetime.


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