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Covid vaccine for people with Bronchiectasis

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Good morning all, does anyone know please if all bronchiectasis sufferers are on the priority list for the COVID vaccine? I heard this morning on the news that people on that list are being called for their booster from now, so wondered if I need to gently prod by GP. Thanks!

13 Replies
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I have bronch, have been CEV for the whole of the pandemic yet was told by my GP that I didn't qualify for spring booster. I got my consultant to write that I should have it then booked and no problem. If you were CEV you should be near the top for autumn booster. I am going to start nagging this week as I want mine before I go on a ship in november.

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SalvadorBA in reply to Littlepom

Thanks Littlepom, again so quick and helpful! What is CEV please (I'm still quite new to all this!)? I see the British Lung Foundation now says that people with "severe bronchiectasis" qualify as "higher risk" - I'm pretty sure they must have recently added "severe", as I don't think it was there when I last looked. Good luck nagging your GP!

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Littlepom in reply to SalvadorBA

CEV stands for clinically extremely vulnerable. I was shielded during the lock downs. If you are over 75 you should be getting invited very soon. Over 70 is in same groups as vulnerable. Owing to the useless system I was almost over looked for my first vaccine and booster then had to fight for the 4th. Hence I shall not be waiting to be invited before I try to get booked. Very few people understand bronch which is why we can get overlooked. Only my con getting involved got me the spring booster although under JCVI guidelines we qualify because covid can make our condition worse and our condition can mean.that we are more adversly affected by covid. Truly, dealing with ignorance of bronch has been a cause of lifelong exhaustion!

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B0xermad in reply to SalvadorBA

I was bolshy and turned up at the vaccination centre with my diagnosis letters and the nurses said that I was vulnerable and gave me no 4 jab in April

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My surgery posted this morning that they are offering appointments for covid and flu jabs to vulnerable people over 50.

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I have my Covid vaccine booked for this Saturday. I have bronchiectasis and asthma, I was really surprised to be offered an appointment so quickly. So I assume they are offering CEV first. I'm 67 my hubby who is 70 has heard nothing. Jo xx

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Got my appointment text last week for my covid and flu vaccination.I have asthma and bronchietasis and I am not over 70.

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I am 72 and suffer from Bronchiectasis and I am due to have my booster on Saturday hope this helps you.

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Was so Ill after 2nd dose and I still caught Covid. They haven’t updated the vaccine apparently so no point for me. Research carefully and good luck 👍

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Lfcpremier in reply to Perrythomas

yes. I was ill (heart problems) after the 1st,2nd & 3rd.&it got worse each time. I was OKish when I caught Covid so doubt I'll have further vaccinations.

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I was born with PCD, have had bronchiectasis since child, now 87 years young, hence I’m eligible for autumn 5th jab, haven’t been able to book before go on holiday next Saturday 10th, having it when back 16th Sep. Told that’s its a different one, modified re current strains of covid. Also wanted flu jab but nowhere is doing it yet. Good luck

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I certainly wasn't. I think my GP assumed that I would be. I got Covid in January this year and was fine - it was the strain that doesn't affect the lungs. I work with the public and I'm a bit concerned about the arrival of Winter and the prospect of increasing numbers of people being in contact with me in an enclosed space

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hi,i have received text from Gp to book covid and flu vaccines i have bronchuectasis and asthma and only 65yrs so hopefully you should hear from gp soon ( fingers crossed) x

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