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Flu vaccine (egg free) forget it!

I hope everyone is feeling on the up today,

those who are not take care, and make a list of one or two things you would like to achieve tomorrow.

I see that some have had their flu jabs, I hope it keeps you well and safe.

I though am very fed up with the medical profession!

I posted about an egg free vaccine back in September , I was feeling positive that it would help me!! I did the work with the Pharmacy Medicines Helpline. They assured me that there was one called OPTAFLU by NOVARTIS great I thought but my GP could not find it.

Several weeks later I had a call from the surgery and they said they have one called PREFLUCELL. Great again.

It was sent round to my local pharmacy who deliver my meds,,I heard nothing. My husband had to call in there on Friday for emergency antibiotics for another water infection,( 5th this year) the tablets were handed over to him along with the prescription for the jab,, guess what? They could not get that one, although the doctors had phoned Boots not my pharmacy!!

So Monday back on to the doctor, well the receptionist( who is very good) she made a note for him after surgery.

I get a call from my doctors yesterday to say they have found another one, GREAT, I say.

The name of this one is VIRAFLU so I googled it, as you do!

Well the nearest I got to finding what it was,( which was very little) Is that it is used by, (Don't laugh) vets. (I heard you)

Now I know I can be bit of a moo sometimes on my off days but still,,,

I dont think I will bother,

I have the pnuemonia jab still in my fridge, that is supposed to be safe for me.

I do realise that a vaccine was created for chickenpox from cowpox, and I hope all the cattle are safe from flu this year! but I just dont know what to do? Alli Goddard if you are reading this let know how you got on.

I have managed for forty years without one (I was given one at work when I was twenty)

My arm swelled very badly and bled I then had a very serious flu and asthma attack. I was told six days later, never to have the flu jab.

I worked in a infant school for eighteen years so built up a pretty strong immune system.

Ps. My poodle needs her yearly jab, I think I might ask if he can help me out as well!! Plus he is a very good looking Italian.

Sorry for going on about this I realise that it is only a few of us who can't take the normal one.

Well that's my stress out for now. Always look on the bright side of life, says krayzee lady.

Hope everyone has a good day


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It sounds as though it just wouldn't be worth the risk Ruby :( and after all that confusion......... maybe it's a sign that you shouildn't bother with one ?


Hi Ruby. They are offering you a pet vaccine? Are they barking mad?


Sorry Auntymary Mary for the delay,

we had to go to my mums, stepfather had received bad news at the doctors.

The journey takes an hour each way plus time spent there it is very difficult with chronic pain but had to go.

To be honest I don't know what they are giving me ( not) my husband thinks that I should not take it, and I agree. I take so much!

perhaps I should make an offer to the vets! A sort of reverse testing!

Any way for now I will now take off the bonio and hay bale, off the shopping list and get on with my life.

So a GRROOWL from me.



Enough to give you a "stroke"!


Hi B,

I gave up in the end as well, I was told you could only have an egg free vaccine if you was alergic.

As I'm not, & it was only because of my beliefs - I would have to pay.

I'm skint, so I went with the normal one in the end, & now feel a bit of a fraud because I gave in.

Wile x


Thanks for you reply Wile.

See above for the delay in answering.

The two vaccines I was offered were free, I checked that with the Medicines Helpline

In case my doctor or myself had to pay. Don't feel a fraud you must take care of yourself.



Hi Ruby,

I have asked for the egg free one from both the surgery and the community nurse, who visits weekly.

Last time I had the 'ordinary' flu jab, when recomended by the Dr was in 2003.

I then spent 6 weeks on anti-histamines, as I have an intollerance to all dairy, inc eggs.

The other day the nurse rang from surgery, asked why I'd asked for egg-free, so went through all the symptoms I had experienced, and yes, she then found it in my notes, !!

She did explain their position, anyway it ended up with,

I have to go to local hospital, (£25 away) for an egg-free, or something,(???) but at least somone would be there watching for side effects, in or out patient she didn't say!!


I would get the normal jab at the surgery, but would also be given the anti-histamines straight away.

SO, all in all it looks like all I will get will be the ordinary one anyway? If I go through with it!

I now wish I'd never asked.

Wasn't life so much easier before the sue-culture raised it's ugly head?

Ruby your advice was very good, it gave us some hope, thankyou. Unfortunately the NHS seem to be doing their usuall stunt, sticking their head in the sand, refusing to take responsibility, they would rather do nothing than be seen to 'care' for their patients.

As you can probablly see, I am one who has had many dealings with the local NHS, not allways satisfactoraly. I don't know wether it's just a problem locally, or if all areas are experiencing the same. Our area has been on TV, which is why I can't say where I am.

"Leave it to the experts". Remind me, Just who are they.?


Im sorry you had trouble as well,

I would really like to hear from someone who has managed to get the vaccine?

I was also offered the standard flu but they wanted it to be under medical supervision In case I went into anaphylactic shock!! God they make you feel so safe!

But what would be cost effective, a egg-vaccine that is NO cost to the surgery, or have life saving equipment plus a doctors time to see how I reacted?

Sorry I gave you false hope, I feel let down myself.

Keep safe and well. B.


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