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Today (1/10) I've had both my autumn covid jab & my flu jab -so glad to get that part over

On 5/10 I've got another Gas test (in my earlobe -I think the idea of that is to see how much oxygen & carbon dioxide is in my blood - with a view to telling me whether i need oxygen longterm

It concerns me a lot that if the results come back saying that I dont & they takeaway the home oxygen machines from me (or arrange with the company who liases with NHS whose oxygen machines they belong to) these dangerous lowing of oxygen will cntinue again hospitalising me

Im having to resort to a plan B which is researching oxygen machines similar to the one I've got now with a view if it is possible to purchase one for myself that wont get removed -I know there are different makes & different prices but that will be action I ll be forced to take if they do

With any luck the machines wont get taken away but thats the plan (as long as the companu that sells them doesnt say you have to go through the relevant GP/hospital specialist (which i hope they dont say that) because I really dont want hospitalisig again -

8 Replies
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Glad you’ve had your jabs and hoping the gas test goes well in the 5th. Fingers crossed you get to keep your oxygen. Thinking of you. Xxx💜❤️

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Glad you had your jabs and you found procedure relatively straightforward. I know with your needle phobia it can’t have been easy.

With regards test on 5/10, I know you must be worried (and anyone would be) but try not to over think things. IF they decide you don’t require oxygen long term then they need to advise you on what plans are to stop /reduce low levels of oxygen/hospitalisation. The doctors looking after you must be aware that they need to find solutions and from what you said previously, this is why you are currently on oxygen. Personally I would be surprised if they remove oxygen at this stage, when you have only been using it for “5 minutes”. I would have thought any sort of trial would require much longer.

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to Bevvy

It went well & I had the results-they were too technical & they decided I do need longterm oxygen which Im releived at. Mums had one installed too

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fingers crossed all goes well for you on 5/10 x

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to watergazer

its been confirmed that i do need it

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hope you get things sorted out soon, and good luck

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to bobbyfloyd

i had my covid/flu jabs- my arms are sore - i hope this time they ll be able to do this gas test-only in the name of getting it out of the way I ll make sure my earlobe is numbed & i have my music with me

It concerns me that if the results show i dont need oxygen long term & they take it off me then the episodes are going to restart which means me being hospitlaised again - the oxygen machines are whats keeping me out of hospitalstays

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horseygirl_0103 in reply to bobbyfloyd

i get to keep my oxy machines as it was confirmed that i did

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