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Are nasties still partying in my lungs? And flu and booster jabs.

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it’s over 5 weeks since finished course of I.v. antibiotics at home, following which my sputum was creamy colour. However I’ve been feeling off, in addition to severe balance issue I had from taking the colymycin. and am horrified to see that my sputum is green again. So I am of course wondering which ones of nasties are enjoying life in my lungs. I have started oral antibiotics, Azithromycin and after two days am feeling little better. Fingers crossed work well as booked to go to cottage with daughter and friend in September. I’ve tried to book flu jab and covid Booster before go, but surgery unhelpful, have anyone had any luck with these please. Thanks, Jean

14 Replies
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How disappointing for you Jean. Hope you’ll feel well enough to go away next month. I’ve booked our flu jabs with Kamsons pharmacy. Boots and Lloyds could be helpful too. I find our GP surgery is always late with flu jabs. No idea what’s happening with the booster as yet.

Take care xxx💕

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Try Boots got our flu jabs 5th October. Just boosters from beginning of September. I take the antibiotic called az Azithromycin which been on since middle of July have to take 3 times a week for good. They did find in sputum test some kind of bug lurking in my lungs hence antibiotics for good. They will monitor in case I need change in medication.

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My GP practice are booking flu now but no word on covid yet.

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Spacecat1 in reply to Littlepom

Covid booster from September

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Sorry to hear your little nastie has survived the antibiotics, lets hope the Azithromycin fights it off. I would make sure you take plenty of masks for when out and about on holiday, i think this is the only thing that will help to ward off any further infections. I use a tiny little gel called Nasal Guard, which is a cold and flu block and am sure helps to keep germs away, it is a bit expensive £11 ish but for me well worth the money. I had to buy it online last time as the shops just dont seem to stock it anymore. I hope you have a really good holiday with your daughter Jean and you have no more problems with these little nasties x

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Morrison10 in reply to Izb1

Thanks, will try Nasal Guard. Looking forward to holiday, fingers crossed ....Jean x

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Izb1 in reply to Morrison10

Its really good and worth the cost. I am sure you will have a fabulous holiday with your daughter x

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Mooka above is a link to when you can book your booster.

I hope you get rid of your infection quickly.

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Hope you’re better in time to go away with your daughter Jean. Not had any info about either jab yet. X

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I was told at the surgery and also the chemist that does walk-in jabs that flu jabs not being given before October.

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I'm glad to hear you're benefitting from the Azithromycin already. I hope you've got rid of the bugs before you go away so that you can just enjoy yourself without worrying.

xx Moy

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Morrison10 in reply to MoyB

Thanks, it’s bit up and down atm, some days feel better than others! Hoping to speak to my consultant Dr Sullivan before holiday. Jean x

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MoyB in reply to Morrison10

That sounds like a good plan, Jean. If you can't get hold of your consultant, are you known to the community RESP nurses? I find them very helpful and they may be able to offer some advice. When my consultant was unavailable for a few weeks, one of the RESP nurses consulted with another resp consultant on my behalf and tests and prescription were duly provided. Just a thought! Otherwise, I guess it will be back to your GP.

Good luck, and best wishes for a happy and healthy (or 'healthier') holiday.

💐🌺🌷xx Moy

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Glad yr feeling better Boots have notice on window to book fully jab and I've been notified by my chemist too x

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