After waiting a month to see the resp nurse I went to the surgery to find she was of with her poorly lad so I was seen by the practice nurse practitioner ,The reason was to ask to be put back on Seretide has I feel I get a lot of side affects on Fostair .During my consultation I said that sometimes I felt the side affects of the inhaler eg steroid one made you feel worse she then told me not to take it just use my rescue inhaler ?I of course would be scared to do this but it has made me think do they just give us with COPD these inhalers to shut us up I have severe COPD so I need something the mind boggles x

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  • Why not give the BLF helpline a call for advice on how to proceed with this?

    03000 030 555

  • I'm with you there why would she tell you not to take it just ridiculous take care xx

  • What a stupid thing to say why couldn't she give you a prescription for the one you feel happy with. I would ask for a review of your inhalers. Can you not make an appointment with your GP. Eveyware deals with things differently I only get my inhalers changed if my resp consultant says it is okay. Hope you get something sorted out soon take care x

  • She did give me a script for seretide .But am just boggled why she would suggest to stop the preventer x

  • Hi shadow4me

    Your experience is absolutely ridiculous and although I have not been in the same situation yet , I am always on my guard as have heard of others that have

    So are you just using a rescue I e ventolin ?

    Regards. Graham

  • No I know enough about copd to realise I need my steroid inhaler ,I have lost faith in my surgery but we only have two practises in our town so I'm stuck x

  • Please excuse me coming back to you again but when you say you know enough about copd (. And I wish I knew more ) can I ask if you have a nursing background ?

    and the reason for asking is that a lot of people put in in your situation would have followed the advice given and as I know only too well using the wrong inhaler or even worse no inhaler would have been in a gasping situation before too long

    So well done for using your experience to make the right decision

    Hope you get back on track


  • No I'm not a nurse but am just learning things has I go along and from advice from others ,I know I need my steroid inhaler has it does open my airways to a degree so I feel the benefit but just hate the side affects x

  • There's a lot of guess work with GP's & nurses as they don't really know other than trial & error. Good luck anyway.

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