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Eye appointment.

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got through appointment lots of questions. They were brilliant told them my fears .said I could have sedative which is very mild said I would feel like I was away with the faries . Have to go back next week to have my eye remeasureand talk to doctor. They were all reassuring. So now a case of waiting for date.thank you all for your help

19 Replies
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I’m pleased your appointment went well, Spacecat. My Mum had cataracts removed from both eyes three years ago. She was very nervous before the first op but the staff were lovely, the op didn’t take long at all and the difference to her vision was amazing. She virtually ran into the hospital when called up for the second op😄 Now, at 87, she can see to read quite happily without glasses and can spot a bit of fluff, or a mark on my outfit from 30 yards away, it seems😂 Her vision is far better than mine!

I hope your date comes through soon.

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Spacecat1 in reply to Threecats

Just got to sit and wait for appointment and I should be able to have reading glasses for right eye.

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That’s good news Spacecat and seems very reassuring. Hope you’re not kept waiting for too long. Xxx💜❤️

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I'm glad it went well. I find your post reassuring, as one of my eyes is deteriorating quite rapidly. Good luck- I hope all continues to go smoothly.

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I was interested to read about your experience so far. My optician referred me to a hospital 2 weeks ago to have the cataract removed on my right eye. I absolutely hate anything to do with eyes so I’m worrying about it already! I hope you get your date soon.

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Spacecat1 in reply to helenlw7

They are arranging a sedative to keep me calm x

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Cloudancer in reply to helenlw7

Huge hugs.Can relate to that.

Hope your appointment comes soon x

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Aawww thats good news Spacecat1, you can rest easy now x

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So pleased that part is out of the way and hope it has reassured you some for future. Relax and enjoy your weekend. Brian

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Spacecat1 in reply to Bingo88

Feel a bit more calmer. Thank you

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I was petrified before my first cataract op but it really was absolutely fine. So many of these ops have been done over the years that medical staff have it down to a fine art. When I eagerly went in for my second one I sat next to a man who was very anxious, I tried to reassure him but he was very dubious. Saw him again afterwards and he was thrilled to bits with how it had gone. It’s perfectly understandable to be worried but it’s worth remembering that post-op people are always glad they had it done 🙂

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So thrilled all went well.So proud of you -very well done x

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Dear Spacecat, I’m really glad your appointment went well and they helped put your mind at ease! Away with the fairies 🧚‍♀️ sounds like not too bad a place to be temporarily! x

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So pleased your appointment went well, hope you don't have to wait to long. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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dont worry . it is a routine op. sorry procedure not op !marvellous next day all the colours

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Spacecat1 in reply to Jaybird19

I was so excited knowing I would soon have my sight back. Hubby said never seen her so excited.

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Seems a reassuring appointment. X

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I’m so pleased you’ve been reassured, my husband was very nervous and I was afraid he would have a panic attack that would affect his breathing during the op but it all went without a hitch , he said there was nothing to it. His eye was a bit sore for a couple of days after just because of the light he hadn’t experienced for a long time but then he was absolutely thrilled with the results and cant wait for the second one , that’s been delayed due to his Ill health , but now scheduled for November - he’s really looking forward to it 😊

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I had my cataracts removed several months ago. I have had to wear glasses, contacts, since I was 7 yrs old. I'm now 73. I had really bad eyesight, so I was very nervous about the procedure. What if it went wrong and my eyesight was worse.

But everything went great. The Dr. numbs the eye, so you don't feel a thing. It's just a little strange to have him/her work on your eye while you can see what's going on.

For the first time in over 65 yrs, I don't need glasses, I don't even need reading glasses. But I'm sure that in a year or two, I will most likely need reading glasses, since eyes change with age.

I've had mono vision contacts for years, so the cataract procedure was the same. My dominate side is my left, so my left eye is for up close and my right eye is for seeing far away.


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