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result of consultant appointment

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I’m so disappointed. I had a tummy bug for three days and despite all that involved and it wasn’t pleasant at all, I didn’t have any SOB or the dreaded panic attacks. Yesterday I was right as rain so made myself a mini roast and did some ironing and took myself upstairs to bed for the first time in 3 days. I’ve been sleeping on the sofa near the downstairs loo in case I had to make a run for it. Back to normal with 1.5 hrs sleep and panic attacks. Any ideas anyone? Saw the chest consultant And he has changed my inhalers (Back to) Fostair 200 and a new one, Spiriva 2.5. How do these two work in conjunction for other people on here ? And of COURSE I am to continue with Ventolin, despite what they said at the doctors! A big problem I have is with my tongue and throat. They are bone dry and actually sticking together and there is a horrible taste going on. The consultant gave me Nystan but I’ve been using that and it’s nit made much difference. I’ve also tried Daktarin as someone kindly recommended on here but that’s just too difficult to put on the very back of my tongue without gagging. Any other suggestions please? Finally, going to send me for a breathing test (?) and another CT scan.

sorry it’s so long and p.s. it’s my birthday today! I’m 67. His did that happen !! Xx

19 Replies
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Cant give any advice, but Happy birthday🎂

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Happy Birthday xx

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Happy birthday hope you have a lovely day, sorry I am unable to give any advice but I do hope you manage to get it sorted. Take care , 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hope someone can help but Happy Birthday to you. Xxx💜🎂🍰🥂🍾

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Could it be something in the bedroom is triggering you, if no issues when sleeping on sofa? Also were you sleeping more upright on sofa and would benefit from raised sleeping position in bed?

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Reader100 in reply to Bevvy

Not sure Bevvy. I’ll give that a think

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Happy Birthday ❤🌼🎉🎈🎁

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Happy birthday Reader 🎉🎉Yes I take Fostair 200/6 and Spivira. The combination works well for me. I hope it does for you too.

As for the sore mouth I agree these lotions and potions are hard too apply. Have you tried washing your mouth or gargling with salt water ?

A very old fashioned thing that I sometimes do is to rub dry salt on. (Old fashioned remedy for mouth ulcers) I leave it as long as I can tolerate and then have a good rinse out.

A dry mouth is listed as one of the side effects of Spivira I think. I tend to chew a bit of sugar free gum to help keep my mouth moist.

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Reader100 in reply to Troilus

Ah hah! I’m doing the right thing re salt then. I was just so uncomfortable at the very back of my tongue which seemed to be sticking to the top that I did something quite disgusting ! I put salt on my finger, poked it right down my throat and kind of scoured the root of my tongue. Loads of kind dried powder in little lumps came loose - presume inhalers even though I rinse but maybe not a deep enough gargle. Feels a bit better but still there and I have been chewing gum which makes my mouth more moist but didn’t get rid of that horrible dryness. And thank you girvtge birthday wishes xx

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Bevvy in reply to Reader100

Ahh no that definitely isn’t how I use salt. I make a salt water mix with some cold water. Then I swill mixture round my mouth a couple of times, spit it out and do maybe twice more. When really bad I do this 2-3X a day. Including once before bed and once when I get up.

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Happy Birthday.

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Hi Reader100, Not sure if this would be any benefit to you, but I use 'AS saliva orthana'. It's an artificial saliva spray. I use it for my very dry mouth. You only have to open your mouth very slightly to spray. Not sure if it would work on throat but maybe worth looking into.

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Reader100 in reply to Nula2

Ive ordered this from the chemist x

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Nula2 in reply to Reader100

Hope it helps 🤞xx

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Happy birthday. I hope you will be able to celebrate it when your current problems are resolved.

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Many happy returns of the day.

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Happy belated birthday x I’d suggest oral balance gel for the mouth dryness.

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Happy Birthday.

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Happy birthday 🎈

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