I had TB at 16 and was in hospital for 3 months in the 60's so have always had a weakness in my chest....I was a smoker 10 a day as it seemed the in thing to do in those days ( wish I hadn't!) 8 years ago I was told after a chest X-ray that I had mild COPD ...wasn't on any Meds for it but I gave up smoking! ...then in 2016 I had breast cancer.. wow the chemotherapy after my mastectomy really affected my breathness...I was having weekly chemotherapy for 12 weeks....this week I have just had a chest infection am on antibiotics & steroids....have now been given an inhaler as well.....thank you for allowing me on this site ....just found it on my iPad while I am on my bed resting.....

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  • Welcome . You had a really tough time , hope we can help in some way

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Thank you...having people to massage who have the same lung problems is a God send...

  • Hi Annie and a very warm welcome to you. You have had a rough time and I am sorry you are struggling at the moment. There is a lot of advice and support on here with folks who really 'get it.'

    Hope you start to see an improvement soon.

    love cx

  • Thank you... I am so glad I came accross this site....

  • You have come to the right place. This forum is brilliant. Loads if information, help, advice and shed loads of support. It's a really caring group.


  • 😊 thank you so much x

  • Welcome Annie, we are here for you so feel free to chat anytime. What a lot you have been through and hope you are recovering well. Xxxx

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. :)

  • Hi Annie like you I have just found this site and forum. I had TB when I was 10. I have just been diagnosed with asthma copd and bronchiectasis. Had all the tests inc CT scan. I'm trying to get my head around it all so this forum seems a great place to get support and information. I'm confused about all the numbers and medical language in consultants letters and my GP isn't the expert I wish the Dr s used plain English a patient can understand. It takes ages to get an appointment in the first place. I going to see the asthma/COPD nurse at my medical practice to get a translation and guidance about inhalers and rescue medication.

    Keep smiling!

  • We have a copd clinic at my surgery....which I have been attending...I have now been given Spiriva as well as my inhaler will wait untill this course of the antibodies & steroids has finished before I use them....I am still on treatment for cancer Herceptin injections letrozole tablets for 5 years....two more lots of IV drip of Zometa which is to help my bones as I also have osteoporosis....but I am ok and there are lots of others I got to know along the way who didn't make it..😢..

  • Strewth!! "....but I am ok and there are lots of others I got to know along the way who didn't make it..😢.." That makes me want to hunt you out and give you a big hug! What a great attitude. :-) Welcome to the Group.

  • Thank you for the welcome....There are a lot of people who are worse off than me ...but I do get my down days sometimes....I live in Wales ...don't know if there are many from Wales on the site....

  • Oh yes, the Welsh get everywhere. ;-) I was staying at Llandanwg last week, spending a lot of time in Barmouth.

  • 😂😂😂 it's nice down there....I like Anglesey & Snowdona areas plus the lleyn Peninsula...when I get over this chest infection I am going to do a bit of walking each day to try and get some oxygen in these lungs again....I use to love walking but after the treatment I was on put payed to it because of getting breathless....

  • Good. Afternoon. Annie you have had a rough time and pleased to meet you .The Doctors are a strange bunch to understand not all I'm sure but like you mine don't give a clear explanation l hope after a while you will feel somewhat stronger take care x

  • Thank you am sure I will get there...we have a copd clinic at our surgery which is a great help...

  • Hello Annie. Just wanted to say, a very warm welcome to the group....I am sure that you'll benefit greatly from being a part of it. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thank you Pam I am looking forward to asking questions...I am always scared of side effects and have been given Spiriva to try ...will wait until I am better before trying it...if i benfect from it I will have it on my repeat at boots....

  • Hello Annie and welcome to the forum.

    What a lot you have been through. You've come to the right place for friendship and support, especially while you build your strength back up. xx

  • Thank you so much ...look forward to talking to you all...

  • Hi Annie, start using your Spiriva, don't wait until your (feeling) better, it will take a while for it to build up in your system anyway. A lot of us, here, use Spiriva and additional inhalers as well. Just take it at the same time of day each time. You use your inhalers as well as other medication together, unless your doctor tells you to stop using them.

  • Hello Annie20 welcome to the site. You poor thing, you've gone through so much, bless you. It's a love site and very helpful and interesting,

    Everyone is so helpful, supportive and gives you a lift that you know others are going through rough times and your not the only one.

    Take care

  • Hello and welcome Annie x

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