Struggling to breathe and pain in ribs

Hi i have had pneumonia twice prior to having it currently. I had the flu jab and pneumonia jab both together in October but I am currently on steroids, doxycycline, cocodomol and acupan (allergic to penicillin)

I am not asthmatic and have never been diagnosed with a lung condition, however, I did have an ASD closure 2.5 years ago also (don't really know if this is relevant) total hysterectomy 1.5 years ago. I am a female aged 42.

Please can someone please tell me if this is normal or an exception?

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  • can I ask, you have had the pneumonia jab but still managed to get pneumonia?

  • Hi yes I have, I had the jab October 2014 and am suffering now.

  • I was very ill with Pneumonia a year ago despite having had the jab the previous year. What I learned was that there are two types of pneumonia - bacterial which the jab prevents and viral against which there is no protection.

  • Thank you for replying.

  • I have a Pneumonia Jab every 10 years now even though they say it is for life? I still have pneumonia every 18 months on average? Maybe not as bad as it could of been without the jab. But will never really know?

  • Hi I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis last year after having a cough for 2 years. I had the flu n pneumonia jab in oct 13 after being told i had low immunity to chest infections. from then onwards i had constant chest infections until i was admitted to hosp. 2nd week in jan 14 with pneumonia.When i get an inf., they always last between 2-3 months before i can shift them.

  • Thank you for replying,

    This has really scared me this time and will find out why this has happened. And the likely hood of it happening again. I've read somewhere there is a pack you can request from the GPs if you start to become short of breath?

    I wish you good health for the future.

  • Applebee, I don't know what ASD means. I don't think a hysterctomy would have an influence on your lungs. The only thing I can think about this, is that it could weaken yourself; because of that you may have been vulnerable to an infection.

    To console you somewhat, I had pseudomonas at the end of November and Moraxella (cause of pneumonia) at the end of December) . It's not been a very good time for infection. I am really sorry you are suffering so much. I hope hte antibiotics and steroids will help you. When you finish your course of AB, wait a couple of days to be cleared of AB in your body, then check your sputum, have it tested to see if everything has been eradicated.

    Poor you, I have suffered too with a very painful chest on the left side. It wasn't a heart attack, only muscular, but horribly painful. My GP prescribed some Fenbid gel (Ibuprofen). It seems to help, but it takes a few days to do so. I also put a hot pack (it's made of buckwheat; I stick it in the microwave for a minute and apply it over my pyjama at night - that soothes the pain. Of course, the o;d Paracetamol should help too. I hope you get better soon. Mic

  • Thank you, I hope you do too!

  • Hi I have seen a lung consultant twice,

    Once for a lung xray once to blow in a machine.

    After the xray apt I got asked to blow and record in a peak flow tube but never had a follow up, the machine blowing apt I never got any results so presumed all was ok. Thing is I know they are very busy and don't like being a nuisance.

    I don't ask questions, never have just listen to what they say do what they advise me to do but never question why.

    When I did have the ASD closure at Leeds ( it was in my notes from birth but only found this once I started with palpitations) I was told by 2 consultants that blood had pumped into my lungs but again never heard anything concerning this so didn't think this would be a factor ..... Until now?

    I'm going to make an appointment with a nurse to discuss what's causing this.

    Thank you for your reply!

  • Ok so I've been back to GP this evening, another week of doxyciline and presnisolone and an inhaler.

    I asked about the results of the lung x Ray and breathing into the machine at which point the GP said that I should have been back as there is something there but they need to do the test again to double check?! ( should have chased sooner I know)

    Once I've completed the meds need to make an appointment to discuss this further.

    Anyway i'll keep popping back cause I believe that I'm going to be a frequent visitor here cause how I've felt these last couple of weeks has been horrendous and I may need advise in the future.

    Thank you for all your replies so far!

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