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Pain when breathing in

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I have moderate Emphysema. From last week I have been experiencing pain on the last part of a deep breath. Has anybody experienced this? Dr Google mentioned Pleurisy. It is not a stabbing pain, I would say more uncomfortable, achy. Called GP yesterday for advice. Told to call back today. Receptionist said no appointments even though I explained my symptoms. They had no record of my Emphysema diagnosis from the private hospital I used. The response I got was "I suggest you call an ambulance if you begin to feel worse". Should I go to MIU or A & E? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you all x

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Hi motorbike, I would go to A&E is MUI a private hospital.? But I think you need to get it sorted. I personally go to the one I would feel most comfortable with but please get checked over. Let's us know please how you get on. Thinking of you. Try and have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Thank you for your reply, will let you know x

The pain could be for a number of reasons including muscular pain but best to get it checked out. I would also get in touch with the private hospital at some stage about the lack of correspondence to your GP after their diagnosis. Like Damon, I don't know what MIU is either.

Thank you. MIU is our local Minor Illness and Injury unit x

If you haven't already decided go to whichever is likely to be the quieter to avoid a long wait. Hope you get some reason for the pain and treatment if needed. Best wishes

Doctor said it is likely Pleurisy. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for a week. Hopefully that will deal with it x

Thank you for letting me know. As well you got a check up. I hope you soon begin to feel better but let your GP know if you don't in a couple of weeks. At least the surgery will get a report from the hospital this time.

Thank you, yes I am on the case x

Terrible that receptionists are advising patients to go to A & E when you cant get an appointment with the gp, the hospitals are run off their feet and this is not helping. I would suggest going to your MIU and if necessary call back in the morning to your gp. We dont have an MIU but would think it could be very useful. Hope you feel better soon x

Is MIU at your local hospital? I had never heard of one but it does sound like something that should be promoted.

Hi, yes it is in a separate building, but is part of the Hospital. Our A & E department closed down and moved to Stoke Mandeville from High Wycombe x

Could be pleurisy. X ray will show. If you wake up one day and it is gone, that is what it was.

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