Flare-up. How long can it last?

I've been having this flare up that just will not go away and will not get better. It's going in 5 or 6 weeks. I've been on augmentin, levaquin, and now Zithromax 3 times a week. Of course, have been on steroids throughout. How long can this last? I'm fine sitting, but when I try to do anything, Im very short of breath. Al also on albuterol inhaler and neb treatments and Symbicort. Has anyone had this for so long? I was doing wonderfully. Not so much now.

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  • Evening.

    I'm sorry you feel so rubbish. I'm on Azithromycin which is the same as Zithromax and it's made a huge difference to my life and loads of others on here, so stick with it took a couple of weeks really kick in. I always take it before all the other medication. I hope you feel better soon.

    Kim xxxx

  • Kim. Thank you so much! I hope so too. I was doing. Erg well after a 3week hospitalization last yeR. Went to pulmonary rehab and actually felt pretty good. But. This has rely brought me down. I'm trying though ! Trying to do as much as I can. Again---thank you so very much for your answer and kind words

  • I concur :)

  • My flare ups usually last the same. 2 weeks of Doxycycline then 2 weeks of Amoxicillin and two weeks of Augmentin. Then bad to Azithromicin (Zithromax) 3 × per week for the rest of the year. The last one is given as a prevention not a cure and once it is into the system you should be feeling better I hope. Don't forget that when you have had a bad infection it takes a couple of weeks after it is dead for you to get over the blow to your body and the extra hard work your lungs, heart and liver have been doing during the infection.

    Regards Rib

  • i have had the same problem since september , i finished a months course of prednisolone a couple of weeks ago , now i am going to have to start them again,i got a nebuliser a month ago and used it every day but i haven`t used it for a week or so , but i am starting to use it again today to see if it will help .i`m the same as you ok while sitting but if i try and do anything i`m well puffticated straight away, lets hope we can beat this everlasting cycle of flare ups

  • Oh dear, you poor thing. I totally sympathise, I have been there too.

    My longest was Oct '12 - March 13, I thought my life was over. Sofa, bed sofa. I live alone and it was miserable. Endless antiBs and finally started on Azith 500mg as a cure (rather than preventer). was told to take three days on then seven days off over 30 days, I felt improved but infection not cleared so another 30 day course finally did it.

    I recall my tum was almost wrecked, my immune system was shot to pieces but at least the GPs finally referred me.

    Since then I've been on a regime to rebuild my immune system because I never want to go through that again. So far so good with the right medication. I take mucodyne(Carbocisteine) all the time which I swear has helped, along with breathing tecniques to get sats up. Just three infections since then.

    Don't lose heart you will get there in the end.

  • Oh you poor thing please get well soonxx

  • Watercolour, short of asking you to go to your doctor again, I just wonder if acidophilus could help. Acidophilus crowd your guts with friendly bacteria and can chase away the bad ones. I don't say it's a cure to the infection, just a help. But of you don't improve, you might have to call your doctor. Not a very nice time to do this, but your health comes first.

  • Oh I know. I was just at the pulmonologist a week ago. I take a probiotic and have for 3 or 4 years. It's just so hard to do anything, and I was actually doing reasonably well. It's discouraging....and frustrating. I was in the hospital over Christmas last year. I'm hoping to not be there this year. So, am doing what they tell me and just trying to get better. Thank you for your comment. My best to you.

  • Mine started in March and went away for 7 weeks i the summer and returned in September and I am still battling with it. Possible Hospital admission after Xmas maybe the answer. So stay with it without expectation and take each day at a time. Its the only way I get through it. Last week I had a mini stroke and now I cannot drive for a month while they sort me out!! Stay with it--if it doesn't get better it gets more interesting.

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