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Help with Bronchiectasis flare up.

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I suffer from Bronchiectasis and asthma. This last few weeks I have had much more mucus than usual. I work hard with nebuliser using saline and can get rid of it, but I just keep producing more. No sign of any infection. Sometimes I feel as if I am drowning. There is no sign of it easing, would anyone know what causes this?



14 Replies
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hello ennabel, lots of mucus as you are producing it is indeed a sign of of a bronchiectasis exacerbation. I’m not quite sure why, in the face of this, you think that there is no infection. There will be some bacteria there which is producing all of that. If you have an emergency pack of antibiotics, now is the time to take them and inform your GP. If you don’t have antibiotics at home ring your consultant’s secretary or get your GP to give you some quickly. Remember that bronch needs two weeks.

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ennabell in reply to Littlepom

Thanks you so much for quick reply. I was reluctant to use rescue park as I do not feel I have infection. However I think I will start right way.

Thank you.

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I produce a lot too.v rarely dont.what colour is it? I find with my asthma it adds to the mucous put a specimen in to check if does usually change colour if infected.its a case of knowing yr normal, and new normal as things progress x

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try NAC crystals - works for me in reducing mucus 💕

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Oddly enough I’ve been the same. No change to the colour of my mucus, just the quantity. Turns out I have a sinus infection and have been given 2 weeks of Clarithromycin as a week of Doxycycline did nothing. Hope you get it sorted soon and start to get some relief.

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I have been the same and my peak flow plummeted. I’ve been on prednisolone, doubled my inhaler and 2 weeks of antibiotics. I’m just beginning to feel more normal though my peak flow is still low.

I’ve had 2 big bronch flare ups since October which isn’t the norm for me.

Hope you’re feeling better soon x

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ennabell in reply to watergazer

Thank you.

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Hi Ennabelle, can't say the cause of your flare up but I find if I have too much dairy it increases my mucus. I drink soya or oat milk and just have a small amount of cheese. Take care xxx

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ennabell in reply to Nula2

I did wonder about this as I do think stomach acid is aggravating my lungs. Thanks

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Patk1 in reply to ennabell

Do u have treatment for acid? It can b q harmful to lungs.ive omeprazole

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Hi there, me too I have Rhinitis, sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating .. A good nasal rinse system helps look up Neilmed on Amazon ... you get a little bottle to add salt sachets and water and gently cleanse your nasal passages daily but I was recently prescribed some good nasal spray DYMISTA which is very good and he also prescribed Sterimar again which is also good ..

Again I'll mention mint imperials sweets help me with my breathing and indigestion so for just under £1 they are well worth having in a little bag with me all the time and by my bedside ... it works for me ...

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ennabell in reply to poppyshola

I use Dymista, which is great but will try the saline as suggested. All these problems seem to be common in us Bronchiectasis sufferers, therefore symptoms can be a number of things. Thanks.

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hi en Abel

I could have written this post myself! I was very well during the Pandemic and then at the beginning of December the the sledgehammer hit me.

Still not right, apparently no infection now, but breathing and coughing with endless mucus is really getting me down. Awaiting a CT scan. I like the word ‘drowning’ because that is exactly how I feel! Best wishes…..

Ps. Would anyone recommend Covonia for ‘mucus cough’?

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ennabell in reply to kenta

I really am beginning to think it is the weather. Constant dampness and cold. Roll on Spring.

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