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How Long before I can Expect the Results- Spirometry

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After a seven month wait, I had a spirometry test last week. I know there will be a wait, and the practitioner who administered the test told me that the 'sister' who would interpret the results was on leave last week, so I certainly do not expect anything instantly.

However, just to give me an idea of what to expect, how long have other people waited between having the test and getting the results?


5 Replies
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Sorry but impossible to say. Will vary from different health authorities to different hospitals. I have had results straight away before now. But hopefully you won’t have too long for your results. I DO think there is something wrong with a procedure that relies on one person to interpret results. At moment they are in leave what if person was off sick? Or wanted a long leave? Whole system comes to a grinding hault??

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Karenanne61 in reply to Bevvy

The results are actually available immediately online but can take ages for your consult to look at them. I just ask mine to please email the results to me, especially if I don't have an appointment booked for ages.

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I have always given mine immediately after the test.

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Thank you. I will contact the surgery tomorrow and see if there is any information available.

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They've always told me there and then. Never had to wait.

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