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Well Woman physio

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Well had an appt with a private physio, who is so well experienced in womens troubles. So wish I had visited her before going on these tablets. They have not been good for me. She has given me hope for no surgery. The last months have been awful. But she has written to my GP saying estrogen cream and a pessary. Don’t know the reaction of my GP. Also have exercises and will see her in 2 weeks, May have the tens so happy there maybe alternatives.

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Hope these new ideas work for you. Please let us know how it all goes.

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Thankyou. I have seen my doctor who has given me vagifem. A small tablet in an applicator. Also she is will fit the pessary if I wish. She has said to come off the Solifenacin for two weeks because of the chronic constipation. They do give me relief from the needing to pee so trying to decide. Unfortunately I have haemorrhoids which have thrombosed (sorry if too much information) so have cream etc for that and laxitives. So in a bit of a state down there. Will post if there is any improvement.

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