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Low vitamin D after heart bypass

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Just had blood test back and all seems okay except doc says I'm low in vitamin d and has prescribed me some medication which I pick up tomorrow ,l is low vitamin d cause of anxiety and has anyone else needed them and with what results

Thank you

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Hello :-)

I had low vitamin D before my heart attack could be in my case been agoraphobic and not getting enough sunlight

It can be really hard to get enough vitamin D so many are low in vitamin D and especially in Winter take a supplement

Were you ever tested for vitamin D before your op if not this could have been something you had already

These meds they have given you as they have been prescribed will be a strong dose that you cannot get over the counter to boost your levels back up when you have finished them my Doctor then suggested I bought the normal ones you get which are lower to maintain my levels which after the prescribed one's I had and then the maintenance dose my vitamin D levels have stayed stable

You will feel the benefit from taking them :-) x

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I was very low on vit d and within 3 weeks felt good there was no side affects for me at all. I have the. Checked every 6 months now as have a few autoimmune conditions with the heart issue so great believer in Vit D!

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I think lots of people at UK latitudes are vitamin D deficient at this time of year, because of the lack of sunshine. I take a supplement September to March which I hope helps.

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I found my vitamin D level was slightly under the lower end of sufficient when I attended a lipid clinic ( it was done in January)and had a broader range of blood tests than one normally gets.

I started taking vitamin D tablets, every day in winter months and maybe once or twice a week throughout the rest of the year.

When I asked why they tested vitD levels I was told that aches and pains that might otherwise be attributed to statin meds could be due to low VitD. It was a preemptive test in this situation.

However, I understand that prolonged or extreme low VitD can lead to other problems, pains, muscle weakness and possibility of falling/losing balance and confusion .

It therefore seems odd and a shame that we aren’t screened more often for this and other similar fixable issues.

I had to push for cholesterol testing in the first place. If we were able or even supposed to see a nurse for 20mins once a year, get full blood tests and discuss any possible problems to see if we should be referred to a Dr for more investigation/treatment, longer/more difficult issues might be nipped in the bud, in the bud thus saving time/money/lives/mental health… Would need a change of regime to bring about no doubt!

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Hi Charl70 I have taken prescribed vit d for many years. At one time I was on double the dose to bring levels up but now just on the one pill a day. I eat a normal diet so it is just one of those things. No side effects. I think the Dr was testing me for tiredness symptoms when he found the low levels.

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Hi Charl. Since my HA in 2018, my vit D level drops to just below the recommended level every winter, so I'm currently taking over the counter tablets.

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If you take a statin you will have low vitamin D. If you goggle it you can read up on why this occurs.

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MilkfairyHeart Star


I am not sure if it is correct to suggest that taking statins will significantly lower a person's Vitamin D blood levels.

This is what Heart UK, the cholesterol charity, says about statins and Vitamin D

"There has been some debate around whether statins could stop us making enough vitamin D – because statins lower cholesterol. In reality, we have more than enough cholesterol to make vitamin D, even if you take statins.

It’s more important to make sure you’re getting enough time in sunlight or getting enough vitamin D from foods or supplements."


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MilkfairyHeart Star

Low Vitamin D blood levels are quite common.My vitamin D blood levels were checked a few years ago and were found to be low.

We perhaps just don't go out in the sunlight enough.

I was advised by my GP to take a Vitamin D supplement from autumn through to the late spring.

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Hi there I've been prescribed colecalciferol 20,000 IU 2 to be taken twice weekly for 7 weeks so hopefully there do the job ,thanks for all comments and info


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Wanderinglady in reply to Charl70

I was prescribed Vit D very many years ago by a spinal consultant for pain. I started on 20,000 iu for a number of weeks and then dropped to 800 daily between October and April. I continued on this until early this year when a test at hospital for a different condition once again showed a very low level. So it was back to 20,000 units for a period and now back to 800 units daily. Throughout this time I have never had any side effects but don’t be tempted to up the dosage because overdose can be serious.

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My was so low it couldn't be measured. I was given a massive dose. NO ill effects at all. I really didn't notice any changes at all.

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Hi Charl70 , just a reminder that content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and your doctor. Please avoid making any changes to your medication or advising others to do the same, without speaking to a health professional first.

Many thanks

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Charl70 in reply to FredHU

I've done neither

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