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Vitamin D - Test Result

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My original thread has become a little long and unwieldy so I thought I would start a new thread. I saw the doctor this morning and my Vitamin D level is 12, i.e. through the floor whichever definition of normal you use. I will continue on a loading dose for a few more days then go onto a maintenance dose thereafter.

Considering Vitamin D is important for bone and muscle strength, so important for my ongoing rehab, I am glad I raised the issue!

8 Replies
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Have you had your calcium tested ? And if raised then you need parathyroid tested at the same time as calcium, this is a time critical test.

My Vitd was 12 and it turned out I had hyperparathyroidism.

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I have osteoporosis as well, I am definitely going to mention it my transplant nurse, she should be phoning today anyway re clinic results, as I think I probably should be taking it, I hope your re hab is going well take care char

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It's good that you got this tested - a battle won in your on-going war. Of course as well as your particular recovery needs, a decent level is required to keep the immune system in good shape. Especially important in these difficult times.

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I had ice cream again today. With the Vitamin D I can be a little more creative in taking tablets with food. Melting ice cream is a little awkward to work with! 😁

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Fluffybee in reply to MichaelJH

I suppose you can swizzle the melted ice cream artistically around the bit D meds 😃

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I saw the consultant today. He told me that after seeing my result he decided to test himself and a few others. Whilst nothing as low as me his result and many of the rest were well below normal. Most patients will now be routinely tested. My mother was told by a gypsy that I would be a doctor - I seem to be coming to it late in life. Apparently it was a good bit of observation on my part.

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That was a great catch on your behalf I have been reading up on vitamin D and on the nhs web site it says from Sep/March topping up with D is a good idea so have just ordered some from

Holland and Barrett so thank you for flagging this. Hope you’re doing well.

Take good care Pauline

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Here's a PDF signed by approx 50 medics &/or professors re Vit D, which impacts many physical and mental conditions... including the immune system.

The PDF can only, in one page, mention a handful of issues in relation to Vit D. For those who are interested, there are many books and seminars that can be easily found and viewed on the subject.

Ps. For better absorption/efficacy, it's suggested to take the Vit D along with fatty/oily foods, rather than with fat-free or low-fat foods. There are also Vit D co-factors to consider, which you can research yourselves, if interested.

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