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Tiredness and Disinterest in Life


Over the last year I have slowly slipped into a kind of malaise. I have lost interest in life in general and feel to tired and exhausted to get out of bed.

I have been speaking to my Doctor and I may be short or Iron or mildly Depressed.

I'm awaiting results from blood tests but I have started taking Iron supplements and my Doctor has put me on Prozac (20mg daily).

I'm pretty sure its not heart related as my BP and heart rate are good.

Has anyone else felt like this?

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Yep and no cause found although I have several autoimmune diseases so they blame it on that.

I'm only 7 weeks post OHS for a mitral valve repair and feeling very low too. It's tough, but good that you are talking about it.

I am currently going through that. Malaise is a good word for it. Been like it on and off for couple of weeks and getting very annoyed with myself! On a couple of days I've just wanted to stay in bed and shut out the world - not like me at all. I have unstable angina (quite well controlled), underactive thyroid (again controlled) and inflammatory and osteo arthritis. These are not recent diagnosis' so I don't think can be the cause. I'm putting mine down to having retired fully in August. I held on as long as I could past retirement age and gradually cut hours. After nearly 50 years of full-time or 2 part time jobs it's a bit of a loss of purpose. I have plenty of exercise - 3 times a week cardiac rehab plus walking (usually). Don't really want to go to GP but would be grateful for any ideas of how to snap out of it!

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I’m probably a bit younger than you as I retired early, but have a great time singing with a large choir, having group singing lessons and meeting with friends regularly as well as walking daily.

My advice is to find something that interests you, a local leisure or community centre can be a good start. You don’t have to be good at it to start with & it doesn’t matter if it’s walking football/netball, bowls, a diy shed, anything arty/crafty, it’s the meeting people and taking part which is important and will lift your mood. Often, the cost is reasonable too.

I hope you can find a suitable group of some sort which will also help to take your focus away from heart issues and any regrets you may have at leaving the world of work. It is easy to become defined by work, but trust me, there’s a great life and new friends and interests out there for you.

Hope this helps

Pat x

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I enjoy my cardiac rehab classes and go to coffee after but I'm also the main carer for my mother who has alzheimers and vascular dementia which drags me down a lot. I do try to stay positive and get out as much as possible. Things will get easier I'm sure but I must admit I miss work!

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That’s such a tough call for you. Try to get some extra help so you can have a little more time for yourself.

Pat x

Kristin1812Heart Star

Sounds like talking it through might be really useful. You bring up the issue of ‘my purpose in life’ .....counselling might be the place to get down to such a real issue.


Hi Ogilvie, I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling that way. If you ever want to chat, our heart helpline team are always here. Call 0300 330 3311 or email hearthelpline@bhf.org.uk.

Some useful links:



Really hope this helps.

Just read your comment.

Time becomes so precious when we realise our time is limited facing old age or ailment. I am a retiree with AF.

I can see that the advice you have received so far seems very practical and worthwhile. I would like to suggest a further route for you to consider as well.

Why not give God a go! He's 'out there' and could become 'in there' with you if you but ask.

He's the great motivator and he is able to shine a light into the darkness of malaise and depression.

(John chapter 9 verse 5)

Consider trying out a Church or two in your area.

If you find one that's 'alive' see what happens!

Be encouraged.

Yes, some days good others a bit depressing, discomfort and pains from strange places. Keep going and trying help someone, that makes life worthwhile.

Get blood check t make sure levels are good, especially iron and thyroid. Mentally it helps if you can see some kind of future for yourself. Do you feel depressed at all?

I'm pretty pissed off - but not sure if I am clinically depressed. There is a very good Depression checklist on NHS website which I ticked most boxes but then again the same list also appeared under Lack of Iron.

I felt the same, blood test results came back as depleted potassium levels, mine was caused by prozac, and water tablet, since being off them my energy has steadily increased and I can do so much more without getting tired, thus less depressed. Feel like I have gotten my life back.

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