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Learnt about CO-Q10 today


Hiya guys so I learnt something interesting today I might be late to the party but....

I popped in to my favourite health food shop and I got talking to a nutritionist about if I could take any supplements as I’m on bisoprolol and Ivabradine just to help with my side effects of insomnia and tiredness and if I would naturally lack any nutrients since being on these meds. She was great help and was saying great things about taking Co-enzyme Q10. She’s given me this wonderful book full of information about Q10 and how it positively effects the heart. The book is called “ Q10 for better health and long life”. She also gave me a week trial of EPA+DHA ( basically omega -3) to see if this will help in any way especially as I am a veggie!

I ended up getting 2 months worth of Q10 as I am Interested to see if it will help at all! Is anyone else taking Q10 and has it helped you?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

When I was started on Simvastatin I developed muscle aches in my shoulders. A friend who takes upwards of a dozen vitamins, minerals and supplements a day suggested CoQ10 to overcome this. It made absolutely no difference but changing to Atorvastatin solved the problem.

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Thanks for replying! I guess it’s worth trying as there’s only one way to find out if they help or not, glad you’ve got your muscle aches under control!

Before you take any supplements ask to have your vitamin b12, vitamin d3 folate and iron checked, as any of these being low can affect your energy etc.

Good luck

I have have heard people say they take it and like everything else if it works for you then that's good, at least what is in it is natural....well I hope so and not tested on rats like a lot of chemical stuff. I am off all heart meds due to other conditions and side effects. Nitro is all I have but going to try Tumeric, L-Certruline and Magnesium once I get the all clear from recent blood tests.

In some European countries they prescribe coq10 if they prescribe statins. Statins block it apparently so take it at opposite end of day to your statin 👍🏻

I have Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure stage 3/4, and am on several meds. I have taken CoQ10 since I was diagnosed. I don’t really know if it helps, but I’m still alive 11 years later, and feel ok.....

Buy ubiquinol form, it's more expensive but it the best form for most people to metabolize, apparently some people can't convert CoQ10 to a useable form?, did the booklet talk about that? Does anyone know about this, it's my opinion based on something that I read online.

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Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra:


Vascular Surgeon, Professor Sherif Sultan:


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