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laura_dropstitchHeart Star

I've booked flights for my daughter and I to visit my sister and her family in France/Switzerland this summer. My sister has suggested I take out health insurance in case of a no-deal Brexit. Just wondering if anyone else has considered this scenario or if any of you have some advice? I have advanced heart failure, take lots of medication and have a pacemaker and defibrillator fitted, but generally manage to avoid visiting hospitals for anything other than planned check-ups.

Usually I am happy to travel to my sister's with just my EHIC card (since I stay with her for the duration and I'm generally stable) but wouldn't feel comfortable without insurance if the EHIC was no longer valid. I've read it will remain valid for a couple of years post-Brexit, but only if a deal is agreed. What sort of health insurance should I be looking for, does anyone know?

Thanks :)

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Besides treatment you need cover for repatriation in the event of being so unwell that you cannot use normal means such as flying or being driven by your sister. For even that shortish distance travelling with a drip and heart monitor with a nurse in attendance could cost in excess of £50,000!

I am staggered that after over two years Brexit is so unclear. Phrases like "alternative arrangements" for the Irish border continue to cloud everything. I imagine Northern Ireland will be in the EU on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and out on other days! Apologies I am having a rant as the incompetence of it all is beyond me! :(

laura_dropstitchHeart Star
in reply to MichaelJH

No, no, rant away. I'm so anxious about the whole affair :(

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to laura_dropstitch

I am as well! My elderly maternal uncle is retired in Germany. At 97 he lives independently looking after his somewhat younger wife. As a lifelong diabetic who had a bypass last year I am concerned that without EHIC insurance to visit them later this year will become prohibitive.

The policy I have from Staysure, and I think it applies to all travel insurances, you have to actively inform them of any changes in your health and any investigations or upcoming appts you have. You could find yourself uninsured if they are not fully in the picture. Hope you can go, it sounds a lovely trip.

Hi Laura... for me I would always take out travel insurance with health cover even if we remain in the European union. I have travel ins through my bank account... I then call them and add on the extra they charge which covers the condition. Thus if anything then happens you are fully protected. We have the same device... however I am a lot older ( which puts the price up) and I have just been quoted £160. However that covers me for 12 months. They do look more favourably once you have a device fitted... as they recognise that as you having extra protection. X

However I know bhf also suggest other travel companies that may be able to offer a better price.

Delighted to hear you are going on a fab holiday... have much fun xx

Hello Laura, I took insurance out with all clear for a short European trip. I have heart failure but no ICD. I maybe didn't need insurance but was newly diagnosed and worried! The form just asked about medication and the name of my condition (it didn't ask about the severity but maybe they judge that from the medication amount) and the quote was about £20 for a week in 2017. I just opted for a single trip. But of course that might be the price for while UK is in EU!! I guess though if you try getting a quote now for a trip in the summer it might be interesting to see if the prices are affected!

Thanks for all your replies, everyone. I think what I was really wondering about is if there is likely to be any difference in the insurance procedure/policy if there is a no-deal Brexit and whether I'd be sensible to sort it out now (now, now, now!) in case it gets more complicated/expensive a couple of months down the line...?

I got a reasonable quote from Staysure for May. So worth getting a quote now I would have thought.

laura_dropstitchHeart Star
in reply to HappyJo

Thanks Jo x

i’d shop around eg, and give them the facts as you’ve said above. The different companies vary so much.

Hi Laura, please don't travel abroad without proper insurance that covers your condition, the EHIC card only covers basic treatment,

laura_dropstitchHeart Star
in reply to Paddyboyo

I know, I'm just a risk-taker when it comes to financial ruin 😳 Not so much when I fear it may kill me. Brexit has made me sensible - miserably doom laden and sensible.

I always taken out holiday insurance in addition to the EHIC card. Not all countries provide treatment for "free", some have a nominal fee or charge for certain treatment.

As other posts have said it does not cover repatriation.

Regardless of what happens with Brexit I would recommend that you take out insurance.

I have DCM with arrhythmia and an ICD and managed to get an annual policy with for £133.00.

I received a shock from my ICD and multiple "electical storms" on a recent holiday in Lanzarote. I had the choice of the public or private hospital. I chose to use my EHIC at the public hospital as they had Cardiologists.

Have always taken out insurance. Peace of mind xxx

Be very careful as some insurance companies will give you a policy but will EXCLUDE the pre-existing conditions they don't like and not make that clear. I used Insure & Go for my extended holiday to Thailand as they covered my pre-existings and the six months away.

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