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Medical Travel Insurance


Hi all I have just joined this forum and would like to ask if anyone can reccomend a good and reasonable travel insurer

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hi and welcome to the forum! Of over 50 then StaySure. There is also a pinned post about insurance to the right.

If you are currently undergoing diagnostic tests or have undergone s procedure in the past few months you may find insurance impossible or seriously expensive!

We use Insurancewith

I used Goodtogo insurance last year...they were the only insurer who would cover me last year when I was waiting to see a cardiologist...I was talking to a cardiac nurse recently who said the insurers are way over the top regarding what they won't cover.

All clear insurance is the company I’ve recenty gone with for travel . Very good prices and coverage

I use goodtogo and they are very good. I have a number of conditions which are all covered, although there is an additional premium to pay as a result

I used Staysure on a recent trip to the States...they we're quite competitive price wise


Staysure are the most reasonable I've found

I just used Staysure. Got it down to £362 for an annual premium. My usual insurers wanted £880.


I have used Spectrum travel Insurance for the last two years.

This years premium cost me £237.54 for a year with world travel cover!

As others have stated, it all depends on age and stage of treatment

Good luck

I’m with stay sure and i was pleasantly surprised at how little my insurance increased once I had my pacemaker

Try Manor insurance.


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