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Liver cyst

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Following my open heart surgery in October, I have recently found out that the MRI incidentally showed what they consider to be a cyst on the liver. Not the sort of news you need while recovering but I am going in the 'tunnel of doom' (scanner) on Tuesday. The specialist nurse tells me that the MRI's often through up things not noted before and that as reported as "likely a cyst" just a precaution. In my usual nature I am worrying myself silly about the procedure and the outcome. Just really wondered if anyone else has had similar experience? Thank you.

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Yes, I had two similar experiences. When I first went to the doctor with chest pains he sent me for a suite of tests, one of which included a chest X Ray. This showed a faint shadow on the lung. so the doctor scheduled further scans. These revealed it was an old chicken pox scar and nothing to be concerned about.

The second experience was when I was having my final discharge meeting with the hospital that performed my bypass operation. The doctor suddenly announced that "the good news is those nodules turned out okay". This was the first I'd heard about any nodules. The doctor apologised and explained that during the open heart operation they'd discovered a few nodules on my lungs and had sent them away for a biopsy...but no-one had told me. In a way I'm glad they hadn't, as it all had a happy ending and I was spared needless worry.

The doctor did then say this is a really common occurrence during heart procedures, something completely unrelated is discovered during the tests or the operation, the medical team investigates further, but in almost every single case it (thankfully) turns out to be nothing serious. On balance it is of course a good thing, but the down side is that it causes the patient additional anxiety during an already stressful time.

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Thank you for your reply. It really means a lot to compare experiences! I went along today, took my trusty diazepam and got through it! I was also told these things occur regularly through heart scan. Just waiting for result but preliminary thought was 'hemangiomas' - collection of blood vessels. Thanks again!

Yes, I also had a similar experience. They found a kidney cyst during the CT scan for my heart. I had an ultrasound before they were happy to proceed with the valve replacement. After my heart surgery, I had another ultrasound to check the kidney cyst and they found cysts in one kidney and a couple in my liver. Apparently they are fairly common and I have an appointment to have them checked again next year. More of a problem is that they found a large ovarian cyst during the last scan and now I need to see about having that removed. It doesn't appear sinister so hopefully not a major issue. It seems like once they start doing tests and scans, that you get a full review. However many of these things seem common and nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for replying! Was also told these events are quite common and although no commitment to results, was told likely hemangiomas which are also quite common. I guess its best to be safe even though I HATE MRI's! thanks again!

Yes this happened to me when having mri for my heart failure. Had liver scan found multiple cysts some in a cluster. Back again today for another scan to see if the abnormal cysts have changed. Don't like the mri make me really anxious. Must be done though. Have had some new heart meds so feeling a bit off with the effects of these which makes you feel more anxious. Wish me luck folks xx

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Thank you for replying - it really helps. Hate the MRI and had to take a few diazepam but nevertheless survived and didn't have to press the bell to get out! Hope your symptoms with meds settle down soon. What are you on?

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Sueithy in reply to DebbiB28

Mri done now the wait for results. I am on 6.25mg carvedilol, twice daily 2.5mg ramipril twice daily, spirolactone half a tablet a day and just started Ivabradine 5mg twice a day. xx

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Good luck for the results xx

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Thank you keeping everything crossed xx

Happened to me as well! I had a HA 3 years ago (caused by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection - SCAD - which was diagnosed with an MRI). 20 months later I had another SCAD and at this time the Community Nurse gave me a copy of that MRI which mentioned a liver cyst. They obviously hadn't thought it worthwhile investigating at the time! However I had tests this spring to see if the SCAD had healed and if there was any further damage to my heart, and the cyst showed up again. This time they did arrange an ultrasound and this also showed up a cyst in one of my kidneys. Luckily no investigation needed. Good luck with your investigations and try not to worry :)

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DebbiB28 in reply to JoanyB

Thanks for replying - it really helps! I only found out when I got a copy of my 'test reports's and queried it. MRI now done and although no commitment until report comes out, looks like hemangiomas which are common and nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed! Thanks again!

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JoanyB in reply to DebbiB28


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