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On my way!


Well the day has finally arrived - off to hospital for surgery tomorrow. Bag is waiting by the front door (looking at it makes me feel sick) - don't know why it's so full!!

Experiencing a whole range of emotions at the moment - feeling sick, wobbly, lonely and terrified. BUT it needs to be done and I'm sure I have the best people to help. Good luck to anyone else in the same position.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Good luck - I am sure it will go well. Once you start the admission process later today I think the sheer professionalism will make you feel a lot calmer. Treat yourself to coffee and cake before you go through the hospital doors! :)

Handel in reply to MichaelJH

All the best Debbie. xxx

Good luck 🤞

See u the other side. U are in the best hands.

Update us as soon as u are well.

U are not alone

All the best xx

Life will be a lot better after. Stay positive and think of what you want to do in the future to celebrate this "wee" blip.

Loads of us are thinking of you and here to help (if needed)


God luck, have faith. I am sure all will be well

Best of luck

Best of luck DebbiB28. Yes, I recognise all those emotions. Once you get to the hospital you will be in the best hands and I hope you will feel reassured.

Good luck Debbi, you'll be back home before you know it.

Good luck - thinking of you!! X


Good luck and wishes for a speedy recovery tc char x

Good luck, hope all goes smoothly & look forward to hearing a progress report soon 🤞🏽💖

Very best of luck. I fully understand your fear. I'm sure you will be fiine

Go Debs :)

All the best DebbiB28 !! As an aside/distraction, what do you have in your hospital bag? Am just starting my list! Thanks!

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